@glove hahaha peepz on irc were just talking about u...including myself haha ✌️ we just miss u on irc but dont worry we know how busy u r at work/family/etc. ✊ Keep It Loud!! ✊

@snowdusk Soon a normalized schedule comes our way. Not only IRC maybe a mic too. ;-) 🙏 thanks to all who are tuned in, hope you enjoy the roller coaster!

@glove NO WORRIES!!! don't rush it... ever! we are just happyy that yyou still stream your shows as usual inspite of how busy you are! thank u, chaos!!! ✊

@snowdusk More Chaos coming soon. Like this week. 😃

@glove NOLA is such a good album. Phil Anselmo’s politics though. 😬

@jollyrogue - When you look at the amount of heroine Phil Anselmo has ingested over the years you can chalk it up to brain damage. 👍​

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