Tonight we spin an episode of "THE BROOKLYN ZOO!" on in 30 min or less 😉

Tonight Immolation, Pestilence, Darkthrone and many more! Crank this shit loud!

New show coming to Tilderadio.Org!

It's BROOKLYN ZOO an hour of Rap & Hiphop with the occasional Hardcore Tune.

It's the sound of the street! On Monday 09:00 EST or Tuesday 01:00 UTC.

The soundtrack to the world falling apart it's "ORGANIZED CHAOS"! Tonight will be LOUD AS FUCK! Like and hour long fist to the face!

Accept no imitations. In 2 min the fediverse gets loud. Gets groovy, gets loud again. On

Get your dancing shoes laced up for tonight! 02:00 UTC on tilderadio.

It's the OC tribute to @snowdusk starting in 50 Min at 01:00 UTC. Would be killer is other did a show the remaining days this week for the Fediverse OG!

Kicking’ the old Skool beats before the auditory riots begin!

Takin' it to the street with a mixture of Hardcore, Rap and the hardest shit in between! UTC 02:00 tonight on

We are 2 hours tonight! Enjoy!

Metal Rap Hadcore and shit that cleanses the soul!

Tonight a 2 Hour Organized Chaos. Only on 02:00UTC

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