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No archive? Not sure if show went off or previous slot went over? Either way absence makes the ❀️ grow fonder. Tomorrow we’ll let it roll again! 🀘

Hello, I have a number of tracks that I would like to normalize. Anyone have a good way of doing this for existing flac files? Or better to re-record and normalize through Audacity?

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That's right we got a new one this evening on 00:00 UTC. Another all vinyl edition of Organized Chaos! Turn it up and piss off the neighbors, roommates, significant others. FTW!

The fact that Colonial paid the ransom is a problem within itself. Which leads me to believe that your DRBC program has failed and you had no IR process for ransomware threats. Again, go back to the basics! 🀨

Imagine if critical infrastructure companies did the basics? πŸ‘

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snowdusk is now online playing Jazzaria - The Thing With The Peopl! tune in here now:

Is it me or is infraguard a cash grab?

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@glove I actually needed gas and had no idea of this stupidity. Managed to get gas this morning, but at a premium from the cost of premium gas. Let's see how much this stupidity lasts.

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And the panic buying starts. No need to fill up every gas can. Outside of the Panhandle fuel is delivered through the port on the Gulf of Mexico. Stop running stores dry. A deep breath and common sense goes a long way. Calm down folks.πŸ‘

US what’s a good job site these days? Using indeed and Ziprecruiter but they seem lacking.

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Thank you for tuning in! πŸ™

DJ G.Love @glove is streaming now! LET'S !!! πŸš€

and from 0600 UTC we have DJ @dokuja streaming so pls tune in to his show as well later πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ πŸ€

"Did they touch God or did they touch the sun?"

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