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Had to drop irc but listening to @buttstuf groove! On

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buttstuf is now online playing 'DJ: buttstuf' - 'Various Vinyl Recordings'! tune in here now:

It's the OC tribute to @snowdusk starting in 50 Min at 01:00 UTC. Would be killer is other did a show the remaining days this week for the Fediverse OG!

Filing a Void in the schedule I'll be kickin' an hour of 80's in honor of @snowdusk @ 01:00 UTC

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I need to do an hour of underground 80’s hip hop. All B sides! 😎

Kicking’ the old Skool beats before the auditory riots begin!

Tune in 2:00 UTC for a new episode. Why? Because you aren't hearing anything like this in the fediverse or the tildeverse.

Takin' it to the street with a mixture of Hardcore, Rap and the hardest shit in between! UTC 02:00 tonight on

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