Got recent non-archived playlist as 'Neu! - Negativland', 'Silver Apples - Whirly-Bird', 'Public Image Ltd. - Poptones', 'Hole Punch - Lorelei', 'Imajinary Friends, The - love your stereo typewriter', 'The Telescopes - Never Learn Not to Love', 'Drop Nineteens - Reberrymemberer', 'Lorelle Meets The Obsolete - The Sound Of All Things', 'Athletico
Spizz 80 - Airships', 'Silver Apples - I Have Known Love', 'Silver Apples - Oscillations'

......and RIP Silver Apples' Simeon Coxe! :awoo_pixel:​​

@northernlights and others,
Checkout this AirNow map, gispub.epa.gov/airnow/
It's ~07:05UTC now and air is particularly bad in NorthernCA going thru the great Pacific Northwest and into Canada East of Vancouver,BC 🤧:flan_on_fire:

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@goossbears thanks! I have used the info plus my listing to correct order and get it up on Gopher :D gopher.tildeverse.org/tilde.cl

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Hey everyone the Creative Commons Valence Electron Show Playlist is up on Gopher (http link provided ) gopher.tildeverse.org/tilde.cl

Thanks for everyone who tuned into and the

Latest playlist for yur show I got is 'Yidaki Shakedown (Original Mix) by Anchor Hill', 'K3NX7 - Phokasa [Psytrance] by Louis Capet XXVI Records', 'Sphingida by Âkatë', 'Kataphasis - In Search of Lost Time - Album Preview', 'Grasping The Infinite feat. Ste. Grace by Anchor Hill', 'Jungle Heat by Anchor Hill', 'Maximum Overdrug by BinaryBorn', 'Madcap Mook - Bun Dem Remookd by Madcap Mook', 'Post Modern Apocalypse by Uncle Jack aka Jack Watt on UP Records', 'La balada de los chicos ingrávidos by laguna', 'Primordial by samwas', 'TIMETAMER by B E T T O G H', 'Timetraveler by Shibam'
Pls correct what I missed 😃​

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@tomasino My guess is that it goes back to ice cream. It was probably the requisite ingredient for the first ice creams, so vanilla = plain. Just a hunch, though.

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Why is vanilla the default flavor (of ice cream and other stuff)?

Real answers appreciated. Fake answers will be fun too.

As repeated from tilde irc...might've missed a few, but got alrs's post-02:05:00UTC playlist as 'Drop Nineteens - Winona', 'Disco Inferno - Next Year', 'Cosmic Child - one day we'll grow up and nothing will matter in the end', 'nothing - Beat Around The Bush', 'Galaxie 500 - Tugboat', 'Lazy Legs - Heart Destroyer', 'Autolux - Audience No. 2', 'the band in Heaven - Summer Swell', 'The Cherry Wave - Cave/Wave', 'Dinosaur Jr - Freak Scene, 'Lubec - Grain of Truth', 'Requin Chagrin - RC', 'Buzzcocks - Why Cant I Touch It'

TY for your set!
As mentioned on IRC, a partial ~1/2 playlist of your most recent set is 'Aliias - Aliias - Makeshift (Original Mix)', 'Nate Sassoon - Umba', 'Anderson Junior - UNNAMED [PREVIEW] by Anderson Jr.', 'Pix3l Pix3l - Tower of Pimps', 'MISTERNOSTYLE - ESCAPE (192kbps)', 'poulperouge - Quant', 'HiroshiMatsuoka - Hiroshi Matsuoka - Inaudible Parting Shot', 'Datsorief - Critical Hit + Pulse Wave Intensifies', 'Nebulae - The ZiP Project - Behon (Nebulae Remix)', 'Mellifluous - One Day'

Really enjoyed your last show and ty greatly for sharing on IRC the French and "new" music links!😁​
Have the tilderadio playlist as 'Various - Resonnance / OK Chicago', 'CAMEO - Tout brûlera', 'Garz - Stop sus halte', 'Carton - Sanguine', 'Requin Chagrin - Adelaïde', 'Savon Tranchand - Un feu', 'Poupard - Week end sans fin', 'Poupard - Football', 'Lomostatic - Nyctalope', 'Stereolab - Eloge d'Eros', 'Joy Riding - White Dots', 'Blankenberge - So Cold', 'Lush - Hypocrite', 'Shellac - Canaveral', 'The Boo Radleys - Does this Hurt?', 'Whirr - Meaningless', 'The Dabbers - Watching', 'Hum - Stars', 'Butter 08 - Butterfucker'

For the record, got today's playlist as Similar Outskirts - Blast Off', 'Mellifluous - The Day Before The Party', 'OBLITER8 - Deorro x MAKJ - Ante Up (Cexxy UK Hardcore Edit)', 'hardcore scm - Cashmere [happy hardcore]', 'hardcore scm - Springtime [Happy Hardcore]', 'Mellifluous - Starlight', 'hardcore scm - Springtime [Happy Hardcore]', 'hardcore scm - 50000 Volts [Happy Hardcore]', 'hardcore scm - Springtime [Happy Hardcore]', 'DJ D?S - Hardcore James - Rude Awakening (D?S Remix)', 'McMaNGOS - clipping. - Body & Blood (McMaNGOS Happy Hardcore RMX)', 'Evilgrapez - Evilgrapez - Childhood (Happy Hardcore VIP)', 'Mellifluous - One Day', 'hardcore scm - Molten [Happy Hardcore]', 'Just Like Ammy - The Pharyngeal Reflex (Original)'

Problems with @tildebot on tilderadio's tilde.chat IRC

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dj controlfreak is now online playing dj controlfreak - music for brunch? or roller skating? or punching the neighbour?! tune in here now: tilderadio.org/listen

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I'm going live with some gabber and hardcore / breakstyle high energy Creative commons music for an hour then @snowdusk on tilderadio.org/listen

Couldn't be on tilderadio yesterday for your show, but am listening to that archive now at archive.tilderadio.org/buttstu

Great tunes and show!

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dj alrs is now online playing The Telescopes - Pure Sweetest Ocean! tune in here now: tilderadio.org/listen

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" ... are you sure that was only weed that we just smoked? "

This just out from CNN Health's current article: 'Miami is now the coronavirus epicenter as cases surge, expert says' at cnn.com/2020/07/14/health/us-c

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birbsite crosspost 

RT @Strandjunker@twitter.com

2 died of Ebola: They said Obama should resign.

4 died in Benghazi: They had Hillary testify for 11 hours, held 33 hearings, and launched a multiyear probe.

132,196 died thanks to Trump’s incompetence: They cheered him at Mount Rushmore.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Strandjunker/statu

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