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"In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ultron often mentions there being no strings. This is a subtle nod to the fact that computers only see char arrays."

submitted by MoffKalast

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Armchair speculation: how can we learn from Reddit, Lemmy, “Hacker” “News”, et al?

  1. A vote should be part of a reply with at least N words. N could be increased by mods and admins. Instances could federate votes conditionally based on the length or activity of a comment. Word counts can be problematic; I don’t know a better alternative (maybe clause-count?). Flagging doesn’t need a minimum word count.

  2. Forums shouldn’t host their own top-level posts and comments. Those should be links from authors’ own websites with microformats (think IndieWeb). The forum should be Webmention-enabled.

  3. Larger communities should have ephemeral chatrooms (“ephemeral” in that public history has a retention limit if it exists at all) to incubate posts. Authors (yes, original authors) could share their work and collect feedback/improve it before it’s “ready”. They could then post with increased visibility.

  4. One reason to flag a top-level comment could be “didn’t look at the post”. I say “look at” instead of “read” because certain posts are huge essays that could take hours to read. Top level commenters should at least be expected to skim.

These qualities will make a forum less active, since the quality of content will be higher and some validation and attention-seeking will be filtered out. Low activity means higher visibility for good content. Forums could “get of the ground” by starting invite-only, gradually enabling these rules one-by-one before opening to the public.

(psst: I might be working on “a thing”).

#POSSE note from https://seirdy.one/notes/2022/06/14/better-vote-enabled-forums/

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"The older I get the more I understand that the only way to say valuable things is to lose your fear of being correct." -- Malcom Gladwell

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Crypto is good.

Oh you're offended? This may be because the term is occupied by currency and blockchain bros to a point where most people do not see any difference any more and start barking.

Crypto is short for cryptography, not for currency, and that's awesome stuff.

Not convinced? Without crypto you get

* No "secure" messages
* No password manager
* Your accounts free for the taking - everywhere
* Your messages public - for everyone

Let's see how many bots I can lure out.

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I think my camera's SD card is failing because I'm trying to copy moon pics off of it and every ~50 photos it spontaneously and unprompted unmounts and interrupts the transfer. No issues actually writing photos to the card, which is weird…

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#Rust help requested. I am officially at wits end here.

Please take a look at my source file sdlstate.rs.

I'm getting a borrow checker error E0597 on line 39, indicating that tc does not live long enough. However, looking at the sdl2 sources (via its rust-docs), I don't see how my created texture, t, can possibly still refer to tc, which as far as I'm aware, is the only way this error can be generated under current conditions.

error[E0597]: `tc` does not live long enough
--> src/sdlstate.rs:39:21
14 | impl<'a> SdlState<'a> {
| -- lifetime `'a` defined here
39 | let mut t = tc
| _____________________^
40 | | .create_texture(
41 | | Some(sdl2::pixels::PixelFormatEnum::RGBA8888),
42 | | sdl2::render::TextureAccess::Streaming,
43 | | self.width,
44 | | self.height,
45 | | )
| |_____________^ borrowed value does not live long enough
49 | self.current_texture.set(Some(t));
| --------------------------------- argument requires that `tc` is borrowed for `'a`
56 | }
| - `tc` dropped here while still borrowed

Why is this happening? Why can't I re-arrange the code to prevent this from happening?

Right now, the only way this code will compile and run correctly is if I manually inject the re-paint code where I invoke f(), which utterly defeats the purpose and benefit of using closures in the first place.

In an attempt to fix this, I've tried:

  1. Replacing the Cell with RefCell.
  2. Removing Cell all-together and just using a raw Option type.
  3. Removing the 'a lifetime annotation.

None of these work, and almost always introduce some manner of errors on their own.

Please help. Thanks.

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So, how do people run their own personal #fediverse instances? What software? Self-hosted or paying for hosting?

To do my part in ensuring the fediverse stays diverse, I think I'd rather not use mastodon. Also, I'd rather not run that kind of bloat on my small homelab when selfhosting


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