When your image can be 100% represented in text, you put that representation in the alt text... Voilà, terminal clients can "render" your image!

This is my favorite commit for today

Also I can't believe the alt text being two non-alpha characters is actually acceptable for Lighthouse. I mean why shouldn't it? It describes the image perfectly well :)

Working through with Apple Shortcuts app!

It's supposed to be used for getting some simple repetitive tasks automated by giving some control on Siri and your iOS device, but given that it has a few simple programming language features, I thought it may be fun to try and do some AoC puzzles with it :D

Its "library" of functions in terms of text/data manipulation is rather limited compared to popular languages, so I'm mostly relying on regex to get the job done, and it does work! That said, this thing is extremely hard to debug -- I can't dump print statements everywhere and "comment" them out to remove some temporarily. Plus, it takes literally forever to run when I give it real puzzle inputs.

whitespace... the programming language


the interpreter ignores characters other than space, tab, and linefeeds

here's a hello world with the code selected


masto instance for the tildeverse