time to learn erlang ... for great good, of course

it's a fun mind-bender though, although the course I'm in is moving really quickly

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"mastodon bad, pelmore bad"

I literally just want to grill

it's all fun and games till you have to wire the resistors

ah yes, time to listen to Mountains of Dew for the (n+1)!'th time

I really want covid to be over by the end of this year

me: "hm. not familiar with this math term. let me look it up so I can get through this passage."

>math term is defined using mostly other math jargon I also don't know and then exemplified using obscure notation

mmfff. yes. just how I like it. :blobcatJustRight:

what if you wanted to go to heaven but god said no space left on device

I think my ultimate goal is to remove myself entirely from the modern internet

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