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more #haskell weirdness 

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I'm pretty much your average mastodon ... person? except more ineloquent and I have lower self-esteem.

I like programming, linux, and languages, and I also post a lot of music. I can't say I'm a very interesting person though.

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Can Linus Tech Tips tech me a tip on how to find a gf

Violating the terms of your gender's EULA may result in your gender provider terminating service and/or further legal action

- (but there's still a joke component because naturally) 

cw opengl 

Me realizing that @ffffound tooted a picture from Days of Heaven (1978), a film I had almost forgotten about entirely

Me: Myers-Briggs is a joke, a pile of modernist garbage, basically astrology for people who think they're smart

Also Me: Wow I really am like other INTP people aren't I

mastodon needs one of those character glossary things what books have

domino's pizza tracker but for your own death

I’m ever so tickled when someone plays pretend with me, especially when they are over the age of 12. Most adults are as unimaginative as pithed cattle. The best thing about this here internet neighbourhood is the noticeably higher proportion of them as aren’t.

We are saving Fantasia, one whimsy at a time.

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