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me: what's with me letting myself knowingly get destroyed by the clichèd narrative of romance

piazza: 3 unread questions

First they came for WeChat, but I loathed PRC corpostate social media, so wasn’t on it.

Then they came for PGP...

(Fill in the rest.)

I think I want to take two languages in college, but I'm not sure I have the space and it'd be hard to decide if I could only choose one

When working on a programming language (as I happen to be right now), one may be dismayed that its execution speed isn't great.

But then remember that Python is popular, so that's not a reason to stop working on it.

No Land, Just SeaAll countries that end with “Land” replaced...

Before anyone says "just pirate the textbook!" I'm paying for it because it has interactive problem sets that my class has to do every week or so. That's literally all we're using it for.

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You don't support my system? I'm afraid you've got it backwards: my system doesn't support your garbage website

periodic reminder

if you see a funney joke on birdsite you can just copy and paste it here
attribution not necessary

hot take: the sound hard drives make when they're reading/writing can best be described as "purring"


the point is that I'm somewhat of a masochist

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