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more #haskell weirdness 

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I'm pretty much your average mastodon ... person? except more ineloquent and I have lower self-esteem.

I like programming, linux, and languages, and I also post a lot of music. I can't say I'm a very interesting person though.

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cyberchase except instead of being led by motherboard their leader is shinji's dad from neon genesis: evangelion

on all levels except physical, I am aux.txt


pretentious trash | probably problematic 


programming hot take (rust) 

:33 < recommend m3 chemist youtubers
:33 < preferably ones that mak3 stuff go bøøm or do amazin stuff


the only thing worse than putting emojis in READMEs is using emojis in commit messages

my mind is like the bon appetit test kitchen, except claire isn't there (because I'm not that cute) and everyone else went out for lunch and left chris behind sobbing on the floor

long ruby code snippet 

me and no gf juice: name a better partner (you can't)

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mh - 

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