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when will fossbros learn to do something besides complain about technologies that other people put hard work into making

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meta, insecurity 

If I'm ever annoying, please tell me what I'm doing wrong

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belated (re)introduction 

I figured I should probably make this for people looking to follow me, even though I started this account way back in January 2020.

I'm interested in computer science and languages (I speak english and german, and plan to start learning chinese), but also have several other niche interests. I go to ${college} located in the boston area. If you think I'm being obscure, it's because I have a quite paranoid mindset.

Follow requests will generally be accepted if:
- you post interesting content
- you aren't a bot
- most of your posts aren't just boosts/repeats
- you're not a techbro, a fossbro, a transphobe, etc.

The internet isn't a good place to have constructive political discussions, so don't expect to get in any debates with me.

you're no longer using a tab, do you:

firefox question 

When my wifi goes down temporarily but then reconnects, firefox sometimes doesn't recognize that it's back up and won't reload tabs. Is there a way to fix this?

huawei 5G ban 

like, this is political. they don't give a shit about state actors, clearly. it's just playing to xenophobia
personally, i'd honestly be wayyyy more concerned abt US backdoors than huawei backdoors like c'mon

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Now that the internet has been made by web companies into a marketplace, contrary to the older vision of it being a network for free information exchange, governments will treat it more and more as an extension of the market and try to be more restrictive with what people can access. Of course the web already is restricted in some ways, but I predict that it will get much worse in all major countries once governments begin applying trade tactics (tariffs, embargoes, etc) to the internet; the talk of banning tiktok in the US for political/economic reasons serves as an example.

Programming in C until all my shirts grow shoulder pads and my pants grow pleats

Rate my UNIX/Linux knowledge on this scale and I'll reply with my own rating for you

der Spiegel, the famous german cowboy bebop fanzine

archillect is feeling lewd again, huh u_u

COVID, vaccine, +

Some quotes:

'He says that they should have enough data “in the September time frame” to submit to the FDA, with approval, he hopes, in October if the data are strong enough. Is that realistic? Well, if the data are strong enough, yes. But as with all these timelines, that’s what can happen if everything works right the first time (and with enough vaccines being tried, one or more of them could indeed come through like this). What we’ll have are short-term efficacy and safety data: real-world data on protection against coronavirus infection and on adverse reactions on dosing. What we won’t have are the data on duration of that protection, nor a read on long-term safety. But we’re not going to know those for *any* of the vaccine candidates – those are the big corners that the world is going to cut, and I agree that it’s the right move.'

the capitalist healthcare system is so fucked up that my nursing practice questions go as far as switching the word "patient" to "client", even if said client is a newborn

Hey linux users, go give a shot

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You never know, sometimes learning new things is fun

Our gender expressions are all valid, too! Non-binary people can be masculine, feminine, or androgynous!

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Anyway, happy International Non-Binary People's Day :QueerCatHeart_Enby:
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