Comment from the word count if you don't know what type of comment I mean by this:

(Topic: Rust, proglangs, not treating people's missing learning something as a personal failing but looking for ways to improve, desire path)

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[serious question] does anyone have any tips for not writing long-form/essay comments? I have a problem and cannot stop and am convinced everyone hates them (positive upvote counts/likes/replies Must be lying, something something nonresponse bias)

Ended up making a github action for a friend today:

Auto-closes any issues that are made by people without write access to the repo. Good for keeping issues clean and directing people to github discussions until more info is known

like maybe others are more diligent? but I try and reverse-image search to find better quality originals and find myself giving up without success more and more often nowadays?

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it's so fascinating to me how the lack of real choices for including the original image in an edit of a meme online effectively ensures that over time image quality gets worse? like one person does a lossy edit of a lossy upload of the first copy to pop up on image search, it gets popular and becomes high up in image searches. there's no "flattening" of the process, just slowly trending towards absolution by the great discrete cosine transform in the sky....

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Curb cut effect in digital design is really relevant to the blog post I've been working on but it's hard to find time for both it and writing a scripting language

Not enough hours in the day!!!

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The curb cut effect: for example, media descriptions right here on Mastodon help people who use screen readers, but they are also useful for explaining the joke for people who don’t get it, for translations of text, and for copy-pasting what would otherwise be just an image of text.

(this is not a new development i have had a cat who has lived in my apartment for a good while now I am just in awe and he just keeps doing little guy things)

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there is a GUY in my HOUSE and he is TINY and also a cat I can't get over it. how does he keep doing it

noooooooo I wrote a 2000 word reply-turned-blogpost again 😭​

sleeping soundly knowing I will never be in the designer's shoes, blissfully ignoring the inherent constraints :)

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me, making fun of 32-bit fixed-width ISAs for not being able to fit more than 32-bits of information into an instruction:

(Also adds the ability to get the raw prefix/suffix for a given style yourself:, for if you need lower level control over your formatting)

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Also fyi for anyone using owo-colors, released 3.4.0 a few days ago (

Adds ansi_term-like ability to format a list of styled objects in order to better optimize the resulting escape sequences (See for more info)

Thanks to davidkna for implementing off of my design for it! They did 99% of the work and did an awesome job

masto instance for the tildeverse