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Helwo, i am a dork and idk how to talk, so i might not post a whole lot

i create spaghetti code and other shenanigans when my brain lets me (which is, not nearly as often as I'd like)

i've got a few projects i wouldn't mind working on (assuming my brain will actually let me do it) maybe you'll hear about some of them if i get around to them

and i speak primarily English, I've tried to learn other languages but I've never gotten far enough to be able to converse

honestly it's kinda staggering just how much bigger an int64 actually is compared to an int32

a 31 bit number of seconds covers just over 67 years, a 63 bit number of nanoseconds covers 292 years, in a unit equivalent to 0.000000001 seconds yet still covering over 4x the amount of time

why do i do this

at least in this case its fairly obvious what its supposed to do

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of course i left a half written dysfunctional function for future (now current) me to deal with

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alright time to figure out where i left off in my absence from the code editor

i already get the vibe i don't think this audio cable is gonna last that long based off of its feel

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wow this one went really above and beyond in the amount of package destruction needed to get the contents out, i needed the audio cable inside it though

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i always feel so bad tearing open and ruining the packaging of things, and i don't like the kind of packaging that you just cannot open without utterly destroying the package, why do companies keep using it

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Thought last night before sleeping:

I really need to read more stories with women protagonists. Not just as part of the main cast, but actually as the audience POV character.

So many of my books, especially from childhood, were from the POV of boys/men, and that's really shortchanged me on role models now.

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imagine a modern day smartphone, but with nine buttons at the bottom like this ancient piece of hardware

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Bluetooth shenanigans 

if you wanna know some of the ways they've found to be annoying

the headphones would sometimes just randomly forget they were paired and make me have to go into the settings unpair and re pair it

on my phone sometimes the Bluetooth driver would just crash and stop working (sometimes i could get it to come back, sometimes I'd just have to restart the whole phone to get Bluetooth back)

recently the last time i tried it on my phone it decided it felt like disconnecting and reconnecting at random

on my desktop, for some reason the driver there decided it didn't like the stereo mode, so i keep having to mess with the settings (and then let windows spend an unreasonable amount of time refinding the driver for it) and then it'd let me use the Bluetooth stereo audio, until next time

(there are 2 modes, stereo with no mic, and mono with mic, i could just use the mono mode i don't care that much, but these headphones for some reason, whenever something is reading from the headset microphone or using the mono audio mode, they will playback everything it's mic picks up through the headset, and I don't really need to rehear a repeat of everything 0.3 seconds later including things like my mouse clicks and noises i don't really notice usually)

and sometimes on Windows it just decides to have an unreasonable amount of delay (sometimes a second, a few occasions it was over 15 seconds of delay)

but that's enough I'll shut up about my Bluetooth shenanigans and possible curse now

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tbh, now that I've tried seriously using Bluetooth audio myself, it kinda just makes me even more annoyed at the trend of removing the headphone jack, Bluetooth works but it's also brings with it a whole feast of new ways to be mildly inconvenient or just not work

and having had to use Bluetooth for awhile with my wired earbuds being broken, a few times I've wound up just not bothering and using the built in speakers instead of dealing with Bluetooth (and i am the kind of person to never use the speakers basically ever)

i imagine for most people it's not as bad as I've had it (the headphones are nice when they work, I'm probably just cursed to have all kinds of weird forms of broken audio) but it's kinda impressive the amount of ways these headphones have found to annoy me with

while wired headphones in my experience have always just worked with no fuss, I've never had the audio driver crash, i just plug it in and it works, the only failure I've had with them is the amount of cheap audio cables that have stopped working on me (but at least with most headphones you can just swap the cable with no effort, and if you're not broke like me you can probably get better cables)

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i swear Bluetooth audio is powered by gremlins or something

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How to Rent an Apartment As a Student: Your Top Questions Answered

hmmmmm, code and actually get something done, or play games and get nothing done
decisions decisions

me: opens code editor
my brain: * Windows XP logout sfx .mp3 *

i kinda wish videos on fedi would have alt text and/or subtitles sometimes

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if a lightbulb unburns itself out, would you say it burnt in, or froze in perhaps

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the way LEDs burn out is so weird sometimes, like there is one in the bathroom that half burnt out and then just unburnt itself out and then reburnt out again a few days later, and even now it's still putting out light just dimmer and slightly more flickery and now takes like 5 seconds to notice when you turn the switch off and another 5 second to fully fade out (the non burnt out one turns off in like a second)

if it wasn't so flickery it wouldn't be a bad mood light tbh

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things normal people say that make no sense at all to linguists 

- "he's terrible at his own language"

- "I don't speak a dialect"

- "ruining the language"

- "this word doesn't exist"

- "in this city people have no accent"

- "kanji etymology"

- "so many people are using word X *wrong*! the actual meaning is this!"

- "English is irregular"

- "primitive language"

- "drawl"

- "eliminate the passive voice from your writing"

- "German is logical/aggressive/ugly" etc., "French is romantic/sophisticated" "Japanese is mysterious" etc.

- "phonetic language"

- "L'Académie française"

- "grammar error"

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