Helwo, i am a dork and idk how to talk, so i might not post a whole lot

i create spaghetti code and other shenanigans when my brain lets me (which is, not nearly as often as I'd like)

i've got a few projects i wouldn't mind working on (assuming my brain will actually let me do it) maybe you'll hear about some of them if i get around to them

and i speak primarily English, I've tried to learn other languages but I've never gotten far enough to be able to converse

The jan part of my username was stolen from toki pona, so its pronounced more like yan /jan/ and less like january /d͜ʒæn/ but you can pronounce it however you feel like

and identity is a bit of a mess, but you can call me delta (or if in doubt you can call me jan, being toki pona for person i'll always be a jan no matter what my brain decides to pull on me)

(i guess i should say i don't actually speak toki pona, because its so simple i'm kinda waiting until i learn another language, because i kinda wanna see if i can try learning toki pona from a second language)

For code stuff, i'm most familiar with Golang, with a little bit of web tech and PostgreSQL on the side, though i wouldn't call myself an expert in any of them (except go, where i am a master of creating incomprehensible abominations)

The exact things i wanna work on i'll hold off on talking about until i actually have some semblance of a prototype put together and written down, because otherwise i'll talk so much about what i'm going to do with them, and then proceed to get absolutely nothing done on them

(i mean i'll probably get nothing done either way, but at least then i won't be disappointing people when i procrastinate them to death)

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