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God, people scream into the summer
or maybe it’s into their own youth, some combination
of heat on heat on heat.
I sit in my heavy years
listening with the window open
and think of foxes screaming;
It sounds like a woman, but I know it’s some wild thing.

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It's not a weakness to care about other people, pass it on

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@Sandra @outsider the earth could comfortably sustain all of us, and perhaps more

but it can't sustain 1 billion TV Americans, with the other 8 billion trying to feed, clothe and entertain us

*that* is where we need political action

there's a lot of talking points of right-wing parties that there's too many (brown) people, that every country needs to reduce GHG emissions

but if China, India, Africa & South America stopped working today, we'd be fucked tomorrow

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Most people are either doomers or deniers. Pretty difficult to synthesize awareness of how messed up things are with having spoons to try to make things better. Maybe this dialectic can be taught, or become part of our culture through fiction and other media.♥

Uh, I'm not gonna be good at doing that, personally, because I'm such a pessimist generally.
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There's something about the night sky
That speaks to my soul
And drags me in
Showing me the fabric of time
Whispering how to make a cape of it
Like all the secrets of the world
Is right at the tip of my tongue
And I'm so close to Knowing
That it feels like I already Know
Yet I know nothing
And it fills me with awe.

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I met ecstasy at a party.
she was dancing, laughing

flickering strobe lights
painting her face

her body glowing
deep. electric blue. henna

radiation exposure from black lights

music so loud
the pulse overtook my heart.

looking around
the pulse had taken everyone's.

The moon was power here
a cult against the rising of the sun


A very brief post about a very brief PS1, on my capsule at gemini.ctrl-c.club/~rjcks/

A new poem in my capsule, For Anna, written on the terrace with this morning's coffee. seems like a good use of Monday morning.


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