Super excited and honoured to have been elected/inducted into Sigma Xi today.

With sorrow and condolences to my friends, colleagues, and my fellow Frontiersmen.

If you can understand it, this is the best overview I’ve heard. It describes how the current situation in Ukraine came about along with details of current events.

Found at the local museum: Yoda in American Indian (probably Cheyenne but could be Arapaho) dress.

I feel bad for the Olympians. I have more snow at my house than they do.

I ran across something potentially very cool today.

What can it do?
* private collaboration including chat, web hosting, and public and private file sharing
* remote work
* file sharing
* asset management including remote device management (ssh, vnc, etc)
* Backups
* Serverless communications (all decentralized IOT)
* Runs on Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Windows, etc.

It’s sort of like zero tier meets google drive meets blockchain with team chat all heavily encrypted and most of it decentralized

Use cases:

Climate change is amplifying droughts, strong winds and extreme weather events.

#MarshallFire in Colorado.

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“If I die, I want everyone to be happy, to celebrate life, not just my life but your own life. And to laugh and enjoy life to the fullest and do what they love to do.”

Shane McConkey, professional skier, BASE jumper and wingsuit flier. Conversation with Miles Daisher, a fellow member of the Red Bull Air Force, a few weeks before his 26 March 2009 death in a wingsuit accident. Reported in Outside magazine July 2009.

I'm hiring Security Engineers. Full-time, REMOTE (worldwide). Head over to to apply. You know you want to.

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