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FFS Facebook. I deleted my account with you three years ago and you still had my info. And then you had a breach.

Loving the blizzard here in Colorado. Very pretty. Not loving the fact that my heater died and that I lost 2 UPSes.

Big news. I shaved. I hate the look. My wife says I look a lot younger.

I have 2 spare raspberrypi 3s floating around. I need something creative to do with them that is not my radiation monitor, pihole, or Flightradar24. Ideas?

Well, it's official. fish shell finally won me over. Bye bye zsh. I will miss you.

I've been playing around with Gemini today. If gopher and markdown had a baby...that'd be Gemini. I threw something quick up at gemini://

I've been playing around with Satellite the last few days. Interesting blend of social and blockchain.

I just moved over from to Really thankful for all the up-to-date and useful services.

masto instance for the tildeverse