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@neauoire @twistylittlepassages @cadadr I used to have an x240, now I have an x260. Both are marvellous machines. The x260 has an HDMI port, which is very handy.

This year's ginger harvest is rather small, due to the late planting.
Nevertheless I am very much looking forward to the taste of fresh ginger.

A new arrival - a bangle.js . I must say, I am pleased with the build quality. Though it cannot be compared to the late Pebble , after several minutes playing with it, I quite like it already.
Pairing with Gadgetbridge also works.
Time to start tinkering with it!

The result of my morning blender activity...
Poor man's wasabi:
- horseradish
- yellow mustard seeds
- sunflower oil
- Thai coriander from my balcony
- salt
- sugar
- apple vinegar

Testing my new dripper, that I have made myself in my friend's . There is a tiny hole at the bottom that lets the water into a cup below. It has very satisfactory sound and takes about 4.5 minutes to go through. The cup is then half full. Therefore, it is possible to add water, if the brew is too strong.
I am very satisfied with it. I think it will be excellent for Darjeeling and black teas in general due to the long dripping time.

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How to replace estimations and guesses with a Monte Carlo simulation
TIL - finally - just what a Monte Carlo simulation actually is. The idea here is to forecast how long a s/w project will take using a given team.

What video encoding settings / filters would you recommend for achieving minimal file size to play on 640x480 screen (via Kodi Retropie add-on on Raspberry Pi 4)? I am open to wild suggestions like monochrome video, dithering etc. as long as it could be achieved non-programmatically with common, preferably free tools.
Boosts appreciated. Thanks!

Testing a new hand-made water kettle on a charcoal burning tea stove that I made several years ago. The kettle is unglazed. The water tastes a bit smoky, which will probably go well with some of the teas I have. The only downside of this setup is a longer time to boil and massive evaporation (the water that soakes into the walls cools off the kettle when evaporating)..

I am quite new to jazz, but this is my most favourite album so far:
Garden of Silence - Karel Růžička - 2020 | Animal Music

Today I needed Sahlep since I woke up. Maybe it is because I fast since yesterday and I felt a bit cold in the morning. Unfortunatelly, the last Sahlep I had is long time gone.

So I set to inventing a friendly alternative. Today I proudly present you with Ohlep (Oat milk based Sahlep alternative).

Just mix an oat milk with cinamon, cardamon and ginger. Mix for a longer period of time, so that the mixture warms up. This gives you a drink with satisfactory slimy texture and taste similar to Sahlep as I remember it.

You can optionally add a bit of black tea, black pepper and turmeric into the mixture. This turns the liquid into slightly swampy color, but it tastes good to me and turmeric with pepper helps your joints.

Old castle ruin "Košťálov" in Central Bohemia and plants, moss, lichen and succulents that surround it.

Baby catalpa trees sprouting on our balcony. @plants These are our future anti-mosquito sunshades that I would like to plant around our cottage.

Our younger son's of our . It was his project in an afternoon class he takes. The scene depicts a river bank in front of our cottage.

I had a that "in bigger airplanes, there are more mosquitos in the bathrooms". I find it to be an extraordinary achievement of my inner dream engine.

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Scientists create an effective personalized anti-cancer vaccine by combining oncolytic viruses, that infect and specifically destroy cancer cells without touching healthy cells, with small synthetic molecules (peptides) specific to the targeted cancer, to successfully immunize mice against cancer. nature.com/articles/s41467-021

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Interesting initiative - a repurposed cigarettes vending machine that sells art of young artists. The prints are numbered and signed. I believe it was inspired by this: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Art-o-ma

Another family trip - this time to a nearby hill, a lydite stone site. A lydite stone is quite sharp and was used by prehistoric people for making tools. Much later on it was used as a touchstone - when you rub gold on it, it leaves trace similar to pencil on paper. By color of the trace you can estimate, how pure the gold is. Or you can apply differen concentrations of aqua regia (a nitrohydrochloric acid) - the more pure the gold is, the higher concentrstion is needed for chemical reaction to take place.
The weather was fine and the nature was in full bloom. @plants

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Hello, good afternoon, yes, sorry for the bother, but...

Someone needs to make this, please? So that I might give them all the money.

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