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Having some problems with my system, I might be gone for a few days or so...

My Day in a nutshell:



Tea Break



Lunch Break: Run command that probably abuses sudo



Finish Work

Run some more commands that abuse sudo

Play VGA Planets

Setup new SSH keys

Email new SSH keys for a setup

Play chess game

Realise you’ve messed up SSH keys because you dragged out TELNET way past it’s lifespan and are new to SSH.

Email proper SSH keys, feel embarrassed and apologise profusely, citing the fact you dragged TELNET out way past its lifespan and are therefore new to SSH as a cause for the mistake.

Realise how careless you were when you messed up that first email.

Toot on Mastodon explaining your day.

Please have mercy on me! lol.

Having some problems with my system, I might be gone for a few days or so...


Eeew, there's a preacher-man up there waving chicken entrails at his invisible sky fairy as a magic ritual. I wish they'd ban these primitive displays.

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UPDATE: The U.S. has now suffered over 400,000 coronavirus deaths. Since the first case was identified in the U.S., it took 8 months for the death toll to reach 200,000, but only half that time for the number to double. Here's a look back at how we got here.


We need more graphic design in open source software.

I can’t really speak for how much work it would be from the designers’ side, but for an open source project, it’s great to have somebody reach out to offer to contribute a logo, for example.

It’s a valuable addition to a project, and a great way to contribute.

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Hey all! Just testing my Mastodon from Chicago95! A total conversion fot XCFE made to look like the only Windows OS I ever truly liked and enjoyed - Windows 95 (and 98 with some tweaking), hoping to get ChicagoPlus working, which will allow me to apply old Plus themes from!

Planned to use VBIT-2 along with a Python teletext-decoder for teletext streams, to make a cheap, HDMI supported teletext set for both TEE and CEEFAX.

Going to be installing Xubuntu tonight with the Windows 95 theme (Chicago95) on top.

Edmund: "It is said, Percy, that civilized man seeks out good and
intelligent company, so that, through learned discourse, he may rise above the savage and closer to God."
Percy: "Yes, I've heard that."
Edmund: "Personally, however, I like to start the day with a total dickhead to remind me I'm best."
—Black Adder II, "Beer"

Finally watched the SLS "green run". So it ignites, doesn't explode, but can't burn for the full duration. So, there's another 5 years and $2B Boeing gets to fuck around "fixing".

@northernlights I generally use the East and West terms because the USA and Europe are west on a Mercator Projection map, and the opposite for Asia and the surrounding area.

Whether you associate that with skin tone or race, most of the time I generally don’t, but sometimes in certain contexts, really it’s to do with each country’s respective economy and geographical position for me.

All right, week 2 of 2021 down, 50 to go. Really it can't get any worse, right? No, you wit' da monkey paw, put it down!

I pretty much start everyday in the same way: Cold, dark, frightened.

It’s called Britain in the winter.

I’d like to applaud Perifractic on managing to communicate with the ISS using a C64c and a TNC!

Scully matches wits with a mysterious nanny. Mulder empathizes with evil AI babes.

@nsartor there has been a lot of conversation about it as due to #whatsapp changing their privacy policy a lot of people are moving to #signal or #telegram and a lot of us here on #fediverse think they should be choosing self hosted #XMPP or #matrix with the conclusion that #XMPP is the lighter option to self host

Just put up a brief entry on the phlog for a new project, go check it out!

I’ve just bought an RC2014 z80 computer kit, despite having only 10 minutes worth of prior soldering practice. I’m hoping once I have completed the base kit, to get a CP/M and WiFi module.

ORDER! Just before I call the hon. Member for Edinburgh East, I hope that the whole House will wish to join me in congratulating him on a very special birthday today. I cannot believe that he is the age that I have been advised he is, but I suppose all things are possible. He seems in very good nick to me.

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