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So recently I made a post about how I bought Andrew S. Tannenbaum’s book ‘Operating Systems: Design and Implementation’ with a copy of MINIX3.

My real plan for this, was to try and introduce myself to the general ideas and basics of operating system development, which is something I am looking to pursue in a Windows dominated era.

My hope is to slowly start developing a free and open source operating system designed to be more secure than Linux, and more suited to fast multimedia, software development, and networking uses.

It’s a tough job. But it’s just a hobby ;)

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Statement on: Politics, Opinions, and why I generally don’t give a monkeys about them. 

I’m bored of politics generally now.

Whether you’re left wing, right wing, anarchist, pro-government, sexist, feminist, racist, pro-BLM, antifa, ableist, anti-ableism, display problematic opinions etc. I really don’t care unless it directly affects me or someone I know.

All of the things listed above are constructs society has invented poorly, and has latched onto, making the world one big vitriolic argument, society’s failure and makings, are the things listed above, and I generally just forget about them, do what *I* and *I alone* think is right, and just try and help out everyone the best I can regardless, opinions are your choice, no matter how mad they may be.

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Notes on interacting with Joe 

- Generally I don’t really set boundaries for myself, I do what I think is right, but do politely let me know if I have stepped over any ;)

- I express mainly liberal views on politics, although I don’t strictly identify as a liberal, nor conservative, nor centrist, or as an anarchist, I have my own little political zone/movement, it leans towards middle-left though, just so you know.

- If you actively and knowingly support violence. Block. Of course we all make mistakes, even me, that’s fine; but there is too much pain and suffering in this world for more.

- I’m a Humanist, Humanism is an atheistic religion, if you don’t like this, then I’m not the guy for you.

- I watch The IT Crowd and Buffy, and no, I don’t like Graham Linehan or Joss Weedon.

- I like Nirvana. And I play DOOM, I realise this too much to take for some so, fair warning.

Other than that, I’m happy to talk and I try to be as inclusive as possible! Feel free to reach out!

Can you be an amateur philosopher? I’ve started referring to my hobby of ‘amateur philosophy’ as ‘the hobby’, like ham ops do.

The seashore is a dumb place for Sally to sell seashells
-jackman-chan, Mar 2015

Ignore, just fiddling with some formatting stuff. 

SP 71774 60692

Just watched back the talks from Wakefield 2021, in Steve's talk for ROOL, they assured everyone that work is being done to address the 64 bit issue as best they can.

They are also in talks with Sophie Wilson to consult on the upgrading of BBC BASIC V

Gemini and not automating things 

There is nothing wrong with automating things but in this case not automating anything is working well for me. I do use a couple simple tools. Comitium for aggregated feed and gemfeed to create my atom feed for my gemlog. Both of those would be kind of a pain to do by hand.

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Me and a couple of friends are considering starting the CP/M Software Preservation Alliance.

(1 possibly...)


No chance to change your mind.

Somehow, I was able to enjoy both groups when they were active.

Tight harmony was one factor. The Beach Boys had very good beat, too.

The only reason The Beach Boys are popular is because they’re next to The Beatles in alphabetical order.

Change my mind.

@joerebelloharley Personally I think the local peak for human civilization was around 2016. James Acaster told me this morning on the radio that it was the best year of all time for music. It was the year of David Bowie's last album, so it makes sense. We've been in decline since then. I suppose it will be a few million years before things are really over, so don't be in too much of a rush.

Crap I’m afraid. The world is so close to ending, humanity’s destruction is near and I have no fucking idea what to do.

Give up?

Try a futile attempt?


Ignore it?

On the illusion of 'net-zero' technologies, how we got there and what is next.

'It should now be getting clear where the journey is heading. As the mirage of each magical technical solution disappears, another equally unworkable alternative pops up to take its place. The next is already on the horizon – and it’s even more ghastly. Once we realise net zero will not happen in time or even at all, geoengineering – the deliberate and large scale intervention in the Earth’s climate system – will probably be invoked as the solution to limit temperature increases.'


He died penniless, alone, blind and sick sleeping in the burnt out remains of his house, never in a million years would he have thought that NASA would’ve stuck it on a spacecraft and his music left the solar system.

Once we are long gone, and the Earth destroyed, a hot, barren wasteland, I sincerely hope life will find this song, humanity’s theme song, a song that says: ‘We were small, we may have fucked it up, but we still matter’; I hope they understand it, maybe they won’t.

But his music will outlive us for sure, in 7 years, climate change will be irreversible, maybe by the time I hit my 40s our song will end, but this song will live eternally.

Enjoy the ride Willie.

‘Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground’ - Blind Willie Johnson

@joerebelloharley Sadly, the cabin is far enough north that only Verizon works and I use T-Mobile. So if I want to get my own access point, it is $75/month for a 15 GB bandwidth instead of borrowing the loaner with a 400 GB bandwidth for the three weeks I actually need it.

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