Question posed: when you say “Western” or “Westerners,” (not in the USA geographical sense), what does that even mean? Is that not a racist, colonialist way to frame things in the first place? Does it even make sense geographically? No, it doesn’t. Where do the geographical roots come from? Sheer Orientalist, from the European perspective. The less rational people to the East, while we are the “West,” with science and tech, whether you consider that good or bad


@northernlights I generally use the East and West terms because the USA and Europe are west on a Mercator Projection map, and the opposite for Asia and the surrounding area.

Whether you associate that with skin tone or race, most of the time I generally don’t, but sometimes in certain contexts, really it’s to do with each country’s respective economy and geographical position for me.

@joerebelloharley So is Africa Western? It's below Europe. Is South America? It's below the USA. Are Australia and New Zealand Western? They're in the eastern part of a Mercator Projection map.

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