I guess I’m going to have to start using Spacemacs if I don’t want to get RSI

Last pictures from this round.

I'm going to go try and charge my phone and see if I can find the charger for my infolithium batteries.

Later skaters.

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Every year, transphobia kills hundreds of trans women worldwide. On International Women’s Day, a reminder from the UN that ALL women have a right to be safe and live free from violence and discrimination - women included!

isvarahparamahkrsnah is now online playing LibreKrsnah Impromptu Kirtana Session - Free Sheikha Latifa edition! tune in here now: tilderadio.org/listen

@thunder I’m afraid I don’t, mainly because if been trying to do the same thing! 😂

There is no easy way at this point, maybe between HTTP and Gopher but it would still be difficult

@thunder Yeah, it’s handy, I generally only use Lynx for Gopher surfing but I genuinely feel this could be useful.

ctrl+enter should always be send

enter should always be a new line

Republicans could actually try doing their jobs and working to find ways to help the country instead of tearing it down.

They could try coming up with ways to grow the middle class or to help workers and families during a crisis. They could help lower income workers and families get training so that they can enter the workforce with a growth path. They could look for ways to improve education opportunities and even try to keep people healthy. This would actually draw voters to the party.

But that would require working, thinking, and even standing for something. It would require having a spine and standing up to the former guy.

They choose instead to suppress the vote.
Fortunately, the Democrats choose differently. #ProtectTheVote #ExpandTheVote and honor the people who fought to get it.

Biden to sign executive order expanding voting access:

@arh They don’t like so called ‘socialism’ on Parler. They only like Trump and Q’s safe, conservatism.

Today’s Fact: Chocolate Rain was actually about institutionalised racism.

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