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2000s hackers: My dream is to connect all of my devices to the internet.
2020s hackers: My dream is to disconnect all of my devices from the internet.

@feld Torn on whether being The Flash would make me very patient or very impatient

@Mainebot Thanks! Any other tools like this you enjoy using? I am really digging into a lot of things like this for the first time for both tabletop and digital game design.

re: a little cursed 

@torie throw in an extra Duke's Mayo bomb if it's been a long week @InfiniteHench Also the comment about No Man's Sky makes me like it even more. I'd rather not be around people who spend their time relentlessly beating up on anyone's work rather than just saying "this isn't for me" or "I don't respect the way they dealt with this" and moving on. @InfiniteHench Some of the nicest people I've ever played video games with are players on my Minecraft server that came from /r/patientgamers, also an incredibly welcoming and helpful place.

I made a account back when that started but never did anything with it... now I've decided I'm just going to pretend like I moved to Mars and all of this fediverse and selfhosted stuff is my Mars Internet and we just get one big do-over on the last 15 years of the web.

@solderpunk If I really enjoy something, regardless of what dollar amount I settle on I'll buy several more copies and give them to friends at random as surprise gifts to share a cool thing with them. Because those are sales that never would have happened anyway and a chance to maybe make a new fan, and then I am way less worried about under-paying :P

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"Never trust a man with more browser tabs than books in on their shelves" --Mark Twain

masto instance for the tildeverse