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anyone wanna fight? i'm a pussy and you would definitely win

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\r is an escape sequence that means carriage return, and /r is an escape sequence that means everything some just said or is about to say can be ignored, since they are a redditor

"i serve a valuable function" i think
the hammer fractures my skull on the second, harder strike

there's no way to recommend a bookw ithout being an asshole. suggesting that someone read something is uncouth at best

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"oh no, the monkey has had TOO MUCH ENRICHMENT"

in his 1963 novel Cat's Cradle, Kurt Vonnegut coins the word "karass" to describe a group of ppl who are spiritually linked, and who share a fate and cosmic purpose and. i think wehn you decide to post angry about someone or a group of someones doing something highly despicable or intolerable to you, usually also online, you form a karass with them

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It's Vacant Take It / Homes Not Jails Squatting zine, with handy scouting resources on the back cover.

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ha ha that's really cute i really appreciate that i got my COBRA rights and rules booklet 3 months after getting laid off. i'm sure it was just an honest mistake :)

body horror 

if you forgot what nipples were and looked down at your chest that would be terrifying

did spike jonze pick that name because of cowboy bebop

just remembered that time my hs lit teacher, a nice young liberal white woman, *insisted* she had taught a student at her previous school named "le-a," pronounced "ledasha" because "the dash don't be silent" and i knew at the time that this was a story from a conservative chain email that had been floating around for years but i didn't say anything. i gotta wonder if she knew she was lying or if she had actually successfully synthesized the memory of it.

official 8 bit microcomputer of falun gong

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Here it is: Roblox Dice Captcha 10Puzzle VPN% Glitchless [2:05.69]

You can watch all my attempts or just skip to 8:09 to see the winning run.

It's been a wild ride I thank you all for supporting me. <3

the results of the experiment are, looking at this computer for many hours a day has not girthened my tiny brain even a little bit

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