sdchtewpid amerikan pig!!!!!!!!!!!!

thinking of making my first selfie rally bad on purpose, to obscure the fact that i couldnt make it good if i tried

utterly shaken by something stoopid, again

bootleg snes cartridge with all the games in that bundle on it

sleep with my samurai / ready for any guy

videogame companies are so desperate to make their funboxes look pretty taking up space on your yellowing carpet they're hiring Zaha Hadid to design them, but the artform peaked with the Famicom Disk System

they really missed the opportunity, in pride month, to finally call one of them the "gaystation"

understanding myself in terms of any diagnosis would never feel sufficient or correct, but, upon the other hand, i want pills that make me functional

gilbert and sullivan operetta about the kronstadt sailors

i've been trying to improve at bass guitar for like 2 years and i still have no idea what a Good Tone sounds like

Common misconception. Urine is stored in the scrotum, certainly, and the balls just provide temperature regulation, sort of like ice cubes in a drink.

bigfoot jesus is not real fleshly,; bigfoot jesus is real paranormally

i want a games industry where someone can spend years just developing elaborate grass simulation systems and get paid for it

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The artist titillates the unarguable sense of collective memory.

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