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anyone wanna fight? i'm a pussy and you would definitely win

PUNISHED by GOD for stealing vietnam vet valor

i somehow configured discord so it'll ding every so often and then i clock on it and there's zero indication of what the ding was referring to. i'm fine iwth it and will not be fixing it.

why did they DDoS What are they trying to hide?

i know it's not a choice. am aware of that.

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honestly if it were a choice between americans all being young earth creationists or thinking socioeconomic inequality is "natural selection" i'll take the former it's less delusional

i do that thing where you laugh at every stupid thing someone says because you're into them but with ecelebs

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The Industrial Workers of the World (#IWW) adopted stickers for radical and nefarious uses early. Their "silent agitators," printed by the millions were available for dirt cheap (110 for ~$3.25 in today's dollars) to plaster all over the cities and railways nominally controlled by the wealthy to advertise for strikes and increase membership starting in the 1910s.

You can see a collection of these "stickerettes" featuring classic labor illustrations by Ralph Chaplin here:

so baby blast my baja in the backseat of your baja that i kno you can't afford

rock paper scissor is a triumph of game design... calssic for a reason

if a faerie were to keep me as a pet, i would weather it nobly, and eat nothing but poptarts, and not shit on the rug

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saying "want a hertz donut?" before you break someone's heart

a show that has a dog AND a pony? never thought those two would be able to resolve their differences

babey u got snap? *sends you a snap of my box of assorted cables*

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