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anyone wanna fight? i'm a pussy and you would definitely win

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i feel so attacked whenever someone tries to give me a friendly reminder usiing the computer

I look out over the packed ballroom, the largest audience in the history of vidcon panels. I clear my throat and consider the weight of what I'm about to say.

"Thing is people love to follow cults. They love to throw away logic and wallow in emotion."

babey that wasn't me, that was the beans talking

evo psych paper that speculates on the genetic basis for liking anime

so who are the big ag-pol accounts on here?

disney will own protogens by..... may next year. my source says talks have already begun

translation note: when i respond to something with an image of an expanding brain, or of an encephalitic wojak, or similar, it's not mockery. it means i love you

I know gunkata. No one taught. me I taught myself actually, from reading Wikipedia

i know so many swear words, but i spare you

(i am cradled by critical tools obsoleted by a culture and society unimaginable to the people of the early 20th century) "bowser, though a king of koopas, represents the subaltern"

culturally appropriating marylander culture by copying and mass producing Old Bay

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Many regard the phenomenon called 'shitposting' as a degeneration of a more noble, slow form of internet activity but in reality the opposite is true. Shitposting represents the highest form of posting, a posting which surpass all previous ones. The shitposter rejects the repression of modernity and its obsession with the discovery of his own 'true' self. His timeline becomes the purest expression of a self free of pretentious introspection. He is only bound by the fleeting passion of the heart

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oh my god i'm going to be remembering old memes until i die aren't i? this is my inheritance?


children's books which are primarily concerned with the conflict between children trying to flout rules and adults trying to enforce them are perversions meant to appeal to authority-minded adults. the only good one is Where the Wild Things Are because it's really about the joy of chaos.

if someone actually DID jump down my throat, I'd be grateful. i wouldn't complain at all

yandere mckesson i know someone can do something with that

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