i have no problems with systemd but every time i see something contentious about systemd i feel like i must hate systemd

systemd more like system deez nuts amirite

im gonna start a boot company called libreboot and sell free and open source boots

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ME: *provides exact and literal information, not too little, not too much* :ginger_smile:

PEOPLE: *assumes huge amount of context that was never there* :derp_duh:

ME: *provides detailed information* :frown:

PEOPLE: TL;DR :awesome_face:

ME: :cat_scream:

vile is actually a pretty good text editor

especially if you've both used emacs and vim (and i mean emacs **EMACS**, not evil emacs)

i love how mastodons built-in sketch thing is literally better than mypaint, a program designed for drawing

face reveal btw

fuck it, 2020 is the year of slackware

sorry sweetie i don't show my dotfiles before marriage

i give up. my sleep schedule is ruined completely. i can't go to sleep earlier than 6 am.


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