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Hi! Do you want to die inside while reading Wikipedia? Now you can!

Introducing UWU-Pedia! Wikipedia articles are served to you through a shitty uwu-ifier filter, guaranteeing maximum cringe.

Justin James held their high, gritty, wicked floktomptiforetriant and felt unexpectedly fearful.

Anna Mills held their itchy, happy shi and felt reflective.

asking for money help, boosts needed :boost_ok: 


sorry to have to do this again

i've been applying for state jobs where DD works so hopefully i won't have to do this much longer

i need $63 for my phone bill on the 17th, and some other amount for groceries/necessities etc.

my paypal is

thank you so much for literally keeping me alive, fediverse!!! :blacker_heart: :black_sparkles:


i needed to remind myself so maybe you might, too 

caught myself telling myself, "don't be scared"

backed up and revised that to, "you are feeling scared right now, which is a response to a sense of danger, uncertainty, and confusion. it is helpful to acknowledge your fear. being scared does not mean you can't do this. being scared is a feeling you can carry with you through this."

(boosts okay)

Apple is holding a secret press conference called "Screw You" about user harassment

currently stunt broadcasting Dein0mite's "Sea of Wonder" for an hour on @tilderadio. I dunno, he says he's fine with people using his songs as long as they give credit, so enjoy my favorite song from his latest EP

Norma Coleman held their biting, quaint nallassnocksed and felt romantic.

Frank Tran held their convoluted escape and felt lonely.

420 poll, boosts good 

do you smoke weed every day?

(boosts good to get more accurate poll results)

Gregory Gomez held their swanky, thoughtless ble and felt melancholy.

y'all remember when SunnyD had a depressive episode and MoonPie had to check in and make sure everything was alright?

early 2019 brand twitter was crazy

Debra Ross held their tricky, wonderful, fresh ga and felt angry.

I πŸ‘ CAN'T πŸ‘ WAIT πŸ‘ TO πŸ‘ SPIKE πŸ‘ MY πŸ‘ CHARACTER πŸ‘ CHARACTER πŸ‘ GAY πŸ‘ AS πŸ‘ FUCK πŸ‘ YOU πŸ‘

(yes I know I smoke weed you're breaking some sort of tl;dr of being afraid!!!!! and everything and took the spiro, now letting the estradiol dissolve under my tongue

Currently in the middle of a set on @tilderadio! Come chill with us as we listen to a variety of music*!


* Note: "variety of music" is defined as "whatever's on khuxkm's playlist", and may not actually be all that varied.

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