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:brain1: Start a federated server
:brain2: Find someone who already started a regional federated server
:brain3: Be friends with the them so you get custom emojis

Happy non-binary day and also happy feast of st kateri tekakwitha (in the US)!

We won't stop. #Pittsburgh

Hundreds of people gathered in the Strip District Saturday for a peaceful protest in support of Black Lives Matter and transgender rights. :blacklivesmatter: :transflag:

It won't "go to definition" - it won't import dependencies - there's no quickfix - I don't think it's even telling me about unused variables and errors anymore.... why am I using this software?

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All the niceties that are supposed to make VSCode a powerful IDE aren't working for me, and I might as well go back to vim and get good vimlike shit instead of whatever crap MS is throwing at me.

Classifying 200k articles in 7 hours using NLP

(submitted by rezamoaiandin)

My hot take:

Javascript was never bad, but people are desperately trying to make it bad with transpilers & new features because they'd rather not learn javascript.

:boost_ok: I've seen a couple helpful lists of Black-owned bookstores, but does anyone know of any Black-owned *used* bookstores/booksellers? I can't afford to pay list price for all the books I want. 📚

HEY! Anyone in interesting in creative programming, making music, and glitch aesthetics? Hit me up.

Looking to start a new local artists collective...

OOP/Java mentality isn't going away any time soon, is it?

We're doomed.

Why don’t computers come with rainbow racing stripes anymore

The future is computer telling you to lie about not being sure about things and avoid "expressing uncertainty"

saw a link to on here... gotta say, I hate these monthly subscription boxes (like, who can afford to buy a box of random junk once a month? let alone store the unwanted stuff...) - but this one looks cool as shit, and I wouldn't mind it just so long as is still going strong to get rid of the extras...


Anybody have a hackerboxes subscription?

Just curious as to what people think.

They do have this going out for DC Safe Mode... which is a nice $1 badge.

Google Research is still doing a lot of work to make search better... which is great, because the work they've done the past couple years has made Google mostly useless for search.

New head cannon:

In the 1960s, roving gangs of artists would break into churches, hotel lobbies, etc - and forcefully prepare pianos.

Oh you didn't want a bunch of thumbtacks and washers in your piano? TOO BAD, GRAMPA!

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1960's performance art is like "I see your problem, you either have too much - or, more likely, not enough - stuff inside this piano."


Fluxus in Wiesbaden (1962)

Gruppo di Nuova Consonanza - improvisation composition collective (1967)

John Cage's work & everyone it inspired

laughing my ass off at the 18 emails I have gotten today because MS Teams is horribly broken.

Toots Against Humanity 

Nash's newest made-up curse word is Twilight Sparkle-A buttload of candy-Jah be dwarfin' it up!!

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