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work gripes 

after ~24 hours of waiting on the CTO and talking to 5 other people, I finally found somebody who could help with a work-around... nothing going for helping with nonsensical function names and bugs in the other team's code - but at least I'm closer to my goal.

A nature-loving android was overwhelmed inside an empty ship

work gripes 

Me: Hey, I think there's a bug in this function you wrote.

CTO: Then use a different function.

Always find it odd that folks will offer an app only to iOS, when the breakdown of market share breakdown is like 60/40 for Apple in the US, but 85/15 for Android globally.

People who need typing are the worst types of people - sanitize your data yourself, schmuck.

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Using TypeScript w/ React Functional Components - this module wants a function that accepts a read-only array as an input - but I want this function to also work with another module that reports a number... naturally, TS doesn't allow this in our project...

Here's my clever snippet:

let updateValue = (value: number | number[]) => {
if (Array.isArray(value)) value = value[0];
// do stuff to this number

.... and it's useless because this """NEEDS""" a function like

(value: readonly number[]) => ...

cow-orker: *complaining about dates not being stored in UTC*

my brain: Dates are stored in the balls.

Me: The government should improve somewhat!

Internet Rando: Just get a job and change it from within!

Gov't Employees: The government refuses to improve somewhat, quite the opposite, I resign.

Me: Hey, this thing at work is hard.

Internet Rando: Just restructure your employer's entire tech stack and the organization itself - anyone at the bottom can do it!

I hate Discord, but I love Discordia.

You can't explain it.


gonna make a new Web Dev Framework, where the names of everything are German Kofferwörter/Portmanteaus

gonna rename common javascript concepts, because it'll transpile to javascript and the code it produces will be so obfuscated (via packer) that nobody will ever be able to debug it

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