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Wow, this humble bundle has everything in it... like stuff I got from 3 other humble bundles long ago...

Unbelievable: His Bosses Didn't Like Him, So They Shot Him Into Space

The cool thing about Typescript is that I have to cast this `Element` that's actually a SVG document to `Unknown` so that I can cast it to `SVGSVGElement` as opposed to `SVGElement` or SVG.js's `Element`... otherwise I won't get any of the functions built-into SVGs...

var newDOM = new DOMParser().parseFromString(svgString, 'image/svg+xml') as unknown as SVGSVGElement;

You see, they call it Typescript because everyone just keeps making new Types all the time, and none of them are strictly compatible with any of the others and won't compile if you do it wrong -- then this all compiles down to Javascript that laughs at your stupid "Types" HAHAHA, they're all objects, idiot.

so far, my favorite thing about typescript is that everyone has a different idea of what goes into an HTML element, and they all disagree.

? I got a - vanilla latte - the local drive-through coffee cart is an "essential service" even though their entire staff is college students who went back home and are therefore replaced with highschoolers helping their parents get by.... leave big tips everyone!

From April 1st to 5th, two of my books will be free on kindle: ; both are already on Kindle Unlimited.

updated my blog to use a lighter theme that calls zero javascript and more to the external javascript (ie., from jquery).

the theme is hugo-flex:

and it's rebeccapurple:

putting on my company freebie shirt this morning I noticed something -- it's not a Hanes or American Apparel -- it's branded with the name of my company, and made in Bangladesh....... they went straight to the source to manufacture t-shirts to print their name on.

Tethering from 2 different Verizon 4g devices with unlimited data.

Verizon tells me the one on the left isn't being throttled.

Some filthy rat bastard drank all my coffee...

ok, it was me

as a leg owner im overall 80% happy with them, what could boost it to maybe 95% leg satisfaction is i feel like my feet could be more like a bird's feet, more grippy, possibility of gripping onto things for example, a, wire or maybe a post, grippy feet

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Working from home because all non-essential businesses are shut down, but I have to do my part to protect my company's bottom line... pretty sure I wouldn't get unemployment if they fired me for not working.

c'est la vie.

Some day I'll learn to do the metawork before I do the real work - Miss Frizzle taught me to "take chances, make mistakes, and get messy" but not to reach out to make sure mock-ups in my tickets still match up with design-team thinking.

I kinda hate that "Aesthetic" became a meme, because now it's harder to just google for the philosophy of art.

I hope someone somewhere is writing ridiculous alternative reality fiction where the world falls apart due to devastating malware attack launched by a Mexican beer company.

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