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today I watched the intro video for youtube kids 15 times (you can't skip it), and tried to log in 15 times, and got hit with a "something went wrong" error with a "try again" button that does nothign when clicked 15 times.... life is fun

if something called "suckless" can't even avoid sucking - what hope does anyone else have?

the true purpose of coffee is to stay awake longer to smoke more cigarettes and think about death and stuff

my primary experience with Haskell is running pandoc... gotta say.... I'm impressed with how hot my laptop gets

everything I believe is waiting to be falsified.

Evangelical at their first all-hands meeting: I'm sorry, but who are we supposed to be touching?

"while wordcount<50000" is the most useful tool in all of -dom

if Elon Musk packaged and sold his poop, people would buy it and eat it

Today's random number is 29.

If your random number generator is providing a different result, please contact technical support. just celebrated it's first year in operation. In 365 days we had 283 user-submitted logs to the QEC Relay 001. Amazing job everyone!

I'm putting together the year one anthology now and I'm just giddy. I'm rereading everything as I go and there's some truly great stuff here.

If you haven't been reading now is a great chance to jump in.

#writing #scifi #collaborative #fiction

"Legit" Chinese Gov't Voicemail, TTS (hoax) 

the great thing about cryptocurrencies is that they continually prove one of my favorite points: smart people are idiots.

there's an old saying that goes "Never take a German for what they say, only what they mean".... not sure what my grandpa meant by that though

I have an infinite number of tabs open, and no tabs open.... I'm using schrodinger's browser.

I beleive it was Einstein who said 'Using FrontPage 97 is the definition of insanity'.... or was it Lincoln?

My hope this year is to make #NaNoGenMo a thing on the fediverse. If you haven't heard of it: it's National Novel Generation Month. The idea is that people try to write code that writes a novel in the month of November.

It occurs during National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and like its namesake, it's actually international.

More info here:

(@hugovk has been admirably running the event for more than half its lifespan and just joined the fediverse!)

i think a lot about how we've gone from storing information on stone and clay tablets that can be still read thousands of years on to digital formats that probably won't be readable in 10 years, even if they survive

separating the art from the artist with an extremely large cheesecloth

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