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A lot of the human condition in 2021 is figuring out what's beeping at you and why.

In a reading group and a couple writing group and the amount of reading and writing I've got to do is being distracted from by my not wanting to do anything.

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SubGenius? Time traveler? LOOKING FOR ROMANCE?

Personal ads mentioning the Church of the SubGenius circa 1992.

:jrbd: ❤️

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every millennial welds, sews, makes their own preserves, and can survive in the wild for 2 weeks with nothing but a knife and a torch

boomers can't do any of that or operate a printer or wash their own clothing, but complain incessantly about younger generations not having practical skills

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Your Amazon Echo is about to share your internet with your neighbors. Here's how to opt out

TFW you're trying to work, but you keep getting notifications from a Star Trek game.

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sick of weather? why not take a relaxing 2-week vacation to a dimension of eternal nothingness, where nothing exists, including weather

Does Discord really need to delete the text you've written when it posts a GIF? Seriously? so friggin' annoying.

OpenVPN wildly overestimates how much I'd like to see connection stats.

As a weirdo who likes weird stuff, a lot of weird stuff is awfully mundane.

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Every time I turn on MST3K on PlutoTV I get a Joel episode, and I love it.

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Reading "Against Cleaning" by Katie Rawson and Trevor Muñoz from DHDebates 

"If you work with data or pay attention to discussions among practitioners who do, you have probably heard or read somewhere that 80 percent of that work is “cleaning” (cf. Wickham)... Many times the specifics of data cleaning are not described anywhere at all, but instead reside in the general professional practices, materials, personal histories, and tools of the researchers. That we employ obscuring language like 'data cleaning' should be a strong invitation to scrutinize, perhaps reimagine, and almost certainly rename this part of our practice."

Q: how to does the act of data cleaning tie into colonial politic of manners and politeness?

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We laid it in a hollows and we laid it in the flat
And if it doesn't last forever,
sure I swear, I'll eat me hat
Well, I've wandered up and down the world
and sure I never felt
Any surface that was equal to the...

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I think if you're in a situation where you need webassembly rather than javascript you're probably at the point where you should have a real program rather than trying to force your program into a webshit

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fun fact: the dude who did that song "cars" in the 80's is still alive and making music AND IT'S LIKE THIS

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