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So, I just finished generating the 9 Billion Names of God, and I can tell you one thing - either their name isn't Hawaiian, or the universe doesn't end when we find Gods name

People for the Ethical Treatment of Otakus


The fact that Mastodon is dark mode on default single-handedly makes it better than all other existing social media platforms

imagine having to fucking write articles for the god damn atlantic about how rich people are actually unhappy because they're so rich.

well buddy have I ever got a solution for them

Homer Simpson + Hamton J. Pig + Jek Porkins
The Lockhorns + Omega (Doctor Who) + Douglas J. Needles

The Lockhorns + Professor Frink
Junior Gorg + Chicken Boo

Enjoying exploring the #gopher network ... I wonder if we could set up a gopher server to be accessible via RF / #hamradio ? I know there are allocations of IP addresses specifically for packet radio ... could be an interesting project.

I wonder if calling them ‘conspiracy *theorists*’ lends too much weight to their shenanigans.

Like, there are actual, legit theorists in other fields doing amazing work.

What if we called them something like ‘conspiracy peddlers’ instead? The Oxford definition seems to match up pretty well.

The Reason Many Ultra-rich People Aren’t Satisfied With Their Wealth

“The sensation of ‘being well-off,’ is not about fulfilling a childhood dream of buying a sailboat or something; feeling wealthy is about comparison with others in your reference group. So the question is not what individuals want to buy, but what they feel they must buy in order to keep up their status.”

^^ whelp, that's depressing. meanwhile, I'd just like a nice cup of coffee, in a plain white cup

I want to have a Masto accounts-ui package, but I'm lazy and just want it to exist already.

RT Favorite quote: “Put CSS in JS and anyone who wishes to write CSS now has to know JavaScript. Not just JavaScript, but —most likely—the specific ‘flavor’ of JavaScript called React. That’s gatekeeping”


Society seems to hinge on a set of assumptions. Things which everyone is expected to have. Three in particular. A functioning bank account (ideally with a debit card). A fixed, permanent address. A mobile phone number.

It makes it difficult for those of us who often slip through the cracks. Because believe me, if you find yourself without even one of these, a lot in society becomes rather more troublesome.

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