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I wish I had more to post than just work gripes... but my day is basically

7am-8am be a dad
8am-6pm work
6pm-8pm be a dad
8pm-1am try to do stuff for me & my family? repairs, selfcare, etc.

Work Gripes 

I'd like meetings more if they weren't just a roundtable where everyone has a 1-on-1 with the team lead while everyone else listens.

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very relatable quote from alexandra elbakyan on her plans for dealing with being sued by elsevier for creating scihub

idle thought: i wonder what the most durable parallel flash chip is, and whether you could straight up replace the RAM in a 8-bit microcomputer with one, and whether you'd actually want to

Show HN: I built an online interactive course that helps you learn vim faster

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TFW you think your coworkers behave like children, then you realize they're 20 years younger than you.

The tuxedo of the arcane horror will haunt us for an aeon.

It’s precisely in these moments when most people are least likely to imagine it’s possible to abolish police, prisons, and the military when we need to continue calling for abolition.

tbf this is because he makes cars that constantly shit themselves and his company's customer support service is abysmal, so people get desperate and tweet directly at him to talk about how one of their brakes seized up at 60mph


Tesla is hiring a full-time position to handle people talking shit about online


It's just one loop repeating but as far as generic techno goes this is a nice generic.

I also feel I'm reaching the limits of a 16 step sequencer and the smol interfaces of the korg volca synths.

All I wanted was to be an artist - and my dad, the professional musician, knowing the struggle of surviving off art told me to do more - so I learned a trade and have a day job - and every now and then I find a little spare time and spare money and put it towards my art in some way... wish the situation was reversed, but I listened to everyone else about what folks are supposed to do with their lives. I'm doing my art *slowly*

re: work gripes. 

I got the other-team to fast-track these 2 fixes for the next release - which means I'll get 3 fixes then (because I've been waiting on one of them since Dec 2nd)

... but my superior is being snarky asking me to ask the other team more questions - with links to their PRs - because apparently once you've been promoted to Team Lead you're no longer capable of reading code and comprehending it?

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