If you put your programming article up behind the paywall on instead of on your own blog, you are not a true hacker, and will not hear the horns of freedom when you die, and the blinkenlights of Das Komputermaschine will not shine above your grave.

@kirch Anyone who pokes fun at you for using e.g. a self-hosted WordPress instead of Medium has their priorities way out of whack

@tejrnz @kirch it's the lesser evil for sure. Though not quite perfect, at least you'll be in control.

@nvsr @tejrnz @kirch To me, using a service like Medium that's filled with trackers feels like being incredibly disrespectful to your readers. To host a blog for most people would be well under 5 euros/dollars per month, which to me seems like a very reasonably price to pay in order to ensure your readers aren't bombarded with ads and tracked wherever they go.

@kirch also, the True Hackers shall roll their eyes, and upon being confronted with the "let's make things official" popover, close the tab in disgust.

That's why I support platforms like publish0x. They pay both the writer and the reader and no one gets to put any content behind paywalls

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