20/34 people in my department are contractors.... is that a bad sign?

I wish 'Best Practices' only had one clearly defined and consistent meaning

Working on the first #embroidery patch I'm gonna make! My trans chaos symbol I made a long time back, but finally a nice cleaned up version.

BTW shit like this, that honestly I'm just mashing up public domain stuff, I stick in the public domain. It's a community symbol, it belongs to the community, not me. So the SVG will be available as well as the embroidery design to do what you will with. :)

#patches #openSource #inkstitch #inkscape #art #iMakeStuff

a remake of Christmas Story, but it's set in summer and the kid wants a pair of sunglasses but everyone tells him "you'll poke your eye out"

[[ this idea has been brought to you by my potentially scratched cornea, ffs how have I survived this long, I'm such a klutz ]]

Dear 1337 h4xx0rz, joining a pubnix system does not count as "poppin' shellz" Sincerely, Kirch

kiddo asked if he could have my old computer, and I seriously considered digging out my IBM PC Clone

Markov-generated Text 

someday this `eslint .` command will finish running, THEN we'll see where the cleanest code lies, oh yes, just you wait

The best definition for "Growth Hacking" I've ever heard: "finding new values and principles that could be sacrificed in pursuit of revenue"

javascript is GOOD, when you're not trying to turn it into JAVA

"Move fast an break things" is OK for a startup - notsomuch when you're developing an application framework

One day in the monastery, a young student saw the ancient, wizened master planting a tiny sapling.

"Master," said the student, "why do you plant a tree when you will never be able to lie in the shade of its branches?"

And the master replied, "because shut up, that's why."

humans can't even define "intelligence" and we wanna make one? HA

Dear Pants Manufacturers, please make more pants that can accomodate a leg plus the contents of a pocket; otherwise stop wasting money putting pockets on them. Useless pockets are worse than No pockets.

1995: "We'll call it Javascript, because JAVA is popular and they both use this dot syntax"

2015: "Javascript isn't enough like JAVA, lets fix that"

1995-2019: "Javascript SUCKS" ~ Developers.

We just couldn't leave well-enough alone, could we?

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