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'User agent' is a great idea that has been weirdly perverted.

Nobody these days (even highly technical people) has a user agent. (Maybe @drwho does.)

A user agent is a piece of software controlled by the *user*, that performs the automatic tasks the *user* has instructed it to. It communicates with other user agents, automatically, on the user's behalf.

Today, the term 'user agent' means 'long, misleading browser-lineage-identification string'. It identifies one of ~3 corporations.

This is my semi-randomly-timed reminder that it's crap that web browsers ended up being the only user agents in general use by the average network denizen.

#gopher folks and other text afficianados, check out this fantastic site:

It wraps #figlet and generates ALL THE FONTS on the fly as you type. Solid implementation.

For reference, to backup the current state of Wikipedia, uncompressed, current revisions only, no talk or user pages, is only 58GB.

So.... As suggested in the / channel.... I've generated the 9 Billion Names of God (as in the Arthur C. Clarke story of the same name), using the Hawaiian alphabet -- It takes 3 days to run, generates over 10 billion names, the markdown file it produces is 98Gigs & pandoc doesn't deal with it.

Oh man, listening to more Hip-Hop Radio Archive shows and hearing songs I've never heard before, like this absolute killer in that early 90s raggamuffin toasting / hip hop crossover style from Jamalski, "Piece of Reality" (1993). Chorus:

President Bush he is a piece of shit
Oliver North he is a piece of shit
David Duke is a piece of shit
Ronald Reagan is a piece of shit

Crypto stans are just like New Atheists -- their worldview has been questioned and changed, and they have no idea how to cope with the rest of the world who simply doesn't give a shit.

I think I've managed to cut down on my spam robocalls with an old trick from the analog era. I send all unknown calls to voicemail, and my voicemail greeting starts with an Intercept Tone (more info: , playable/downloadable at )

The Intercept Tone is the famous "doo-daa-deep" at the beginning of US telephone company recordings informing the caller that the number has been disconnected.

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