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College started as universitas magistrorum et scholariuma community of masters and scholars. It was a refuge; it was a place you went to get lost in ideas, to discover and wander, and to plot a course as an academic. Today its a place you go to exchange a lifetime of debt for credit hours, a degree, and maybe a good job.

-- Seth Godin , The Icarus Deception: How High Will You Fly?

?? default filename tv ??

"default filename tv finds and plays youtube videos that were uploaded from the camera without edits to the filename."

Thank god the entire industry hasn't decided to revolve around Blink/Chromium for 95% of the web's browser traffic, or else Google would have an unlimited ability to push forward whatever bullshit standard they wanted.

Wait hold on, my producer is telling me something [places finger on my ear piece]

Oh no.

The Bible Abridged beyond the point of uselessness is now a fortune file!

Q: What do you get when you mix kimchi, durian, lutefisk, and surströmming? 

Bad Idea of the Day: setup a BBS on a raspi, install it in a payphone.

I got pulled into doing something in May that gives me an excuse to look at these GeoCities and related website archives

the best part of working in an Agile environment is being able to roll for agility and dodge the standup.

Fediverse forecast for today, Monday 25 March 2019: artistic, with unwarned uspol


Fuck the "DCCC introduces No-More- 's rule" via



summary of the #Copyright debate: While across 🇪🇺 more than 100.000 citizen protest against #Article13, collecting society executives are holding up little yellow papers in support of the directive, while zipping champagne at the Paris book fair. #SaveYouInternet #Artikel13Demo


"No man is any the worse off because another acquires wealth by trade, or by the exercise of a profession; on the contrary, he cannot have acquired his wealth except by benefiting others to the full extent of what they considered to be its value; and his wealth is no more than fairy gold if he does not go on benefiting others in the same way." ~ T. H. Huxley

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