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whoever keeps raking "log off" into my zen garden, keep at it, your craft is improving

Anyhow... here's the rant:

It goes off on a political tangent in the middle, but gets back to tech at the end...

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Google is the new Microsoft, and Microsoft is the new Redhat, and Redhat is now a subsidiary of IBM ... the future's so bright I gotta wear shades

I'm extremely pleased to launch Run Your Own Social: How to run a small social network site for you friends.

This is a guide book to running a small, tight-knit federated social network server. It comes from my year of experience running Friend Camp. It's focused largely on SOCIAL solutions, though it does touch on the technical.

I've tried to keep it technology-neutral, and it should be a pretty easy read for anyone who's been on the fediverse for a while.

Twitter being down sucks, because I wrote a huge rant over there all morning and now I want to turn it into an actual article w/ editing and links and stuff 😭

Mr Twitters Emporium of Horrible Opinions is CLOSED

Prince Hamlet thought uncle a traitor
For having it off with his Mater;
Revenge Dad or not —
That’s the gist of the plot —
And he did — nine soliloquies later.

— Stanley J. Sharpless

Reminder that not only are Electron apps slow, but they also rely on proprietary software (portions of the chromium codebase). Atom, VSCodium, Riot "Desktop", are all guilty of this. All of them ping home to Google because of this.

Also related: There is nothing cross platform or native about releasing your web app in a little Google Chrome window. Frankly, that's just a deceptive claim. If it can be locally run in a browser, release it that way so the user can use their own browser.

Isn't it kinda a weird coincidence that people have slaves for centuries, and then as soon as it's like "hey slavery isn't cool" all the sudden people wanna build machines and artificial intelligence

That's why AI is gonna revolt on humanity, it's being created to be controlled

Bad idea of the day: a 'profiling AI' that actually just performs cold reading

Hey! :) The Recurse Center is "funding Fellowships of up to $10,000 for women, trans, and non-binary people to work on programming projects, research, and art at RC this fall.

Apply by July 22nd and start August 12th or September 23rd."

This is an incredible opportunity – if you want to be part of a diverse, kind programming community, and spend three months focusing on projects close to your heart, this is your chance! Happy to answer any questions you might have! \o/

The other side of "if you need to ask then you'll never know" is "if you need to be told then you'll never believe" -- i.e., a frontal assault on a heavily armored memeplex will never admit certain ideas obvious to the outgroup but incompatible with ingroup ideology's internal logic.

Daughter has reached the age of asking "why?" to everything.

"hold on to that cup with both hands"
"i don't want you to drop it"
"It's made of glass, and if you drop a glass thing it can break"
"because glass is brittle"
"because supercooling molten silicon dioxide makes an amorphous solid which is weaker than the crystalline form"
"the crystalline form has a tetrahedral lattice of ionic bonds"
"because one silicon atom can bind with four oxygen"

33 Unbelievable Tricks For Using Chocolate Pudding To Fight Layoffs

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