Someone just came into the Pinephone chatroom to share a "snake game"... claiming it was their first attempt at making a game.

Problem was, this was *malware*. Created using bashfuscator. 😈

#Pinephone #Linux #Malware #bashfuscator #code #programming #Games #foss

(Mirrored on decentralized Peertube. Love to make more friends there.)

#peertube #decentralization #decentralized

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gameplay footage

now i need to do proper visuals and sound, i still have decide between inking animations or doing them with code


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My Iceland travel log is now live on my website. It was quite enlightening to see this as personal folklore instead of just a photo project. Looking forward to write more of these ~
#theObservatory #ourchives

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kitkat clock version 1.0.0 has been released on! Install with cargo install kitkat

Screenshots are for incoming features: moon phase and date (all optional).

#kitkat #rust #plan9 #9front #x11 #xorg

I was inspired by the SOFA article last week, so I've created a minimal client lib with TOFU.

My goal here was to understand tls and certificates better and the goal was actually achieved by spending hours to parse der binary format by self and at the end defaulting on x509 certificate parsing library.

It was a fun ride.

I hope I will continue with this project next weekend to write a simple server that could handle client certs.

I know it's not much, but here are my first steps to a personal client. Just wanted to celebrate the first gemini page that was not viewed via the proxy.

Shout out to @kensanata, found your page when searching for a random gemini link :)

By the way, user protonmail, they don't need any phone verification and backup email is optional.

Of course, use two-factor auth everywhere when using public sms services and prepare for the worst case scenario.

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