New project

"An extremely naïve, brutalist attempt at packaging up simple Lua (5.1) apps with all the stuff needed to edit and build them."

Fun with the kids on a Saturday morning messing around with daddy's new program.

We gave each ring its own color, and we have it set up to move the towers randomly around after every move. Supremely silly.

You knew this was coming. Conway's Game of Life in text mode using Unicode Braille glyphs.

git clone
cd teliva
make linux
src/teliva life.teliva


App runtimes should support modifying apps.

Here's a 2-minute video on how that might look.

Teliva now has network access. Including https. And support for streaming APIs. All of luasocket and luasec libraries are supported.

(Obviously none of this is original development. I'm just putting together libraries created by my betters.)

Try it out:
git clone
cd teliva
make linux
src/teliva chesstv.tlv

Known issues:
- Code browser is broken for this app. It's likely the callback.
- Reading from network blocks keypresses.

Main project page:


@akkartik can retrieved string be evaluated in lua vm?
Very cool project. Amazing progress in a few week :flan_aww:

@klve Thanks! :pilin: :pilin:

Yeah it's totally dynamic. I'm actually actively trying to hold back the dynamism :) I want to avoid situations where a program behaves differently after restarting, because what was in memory diverged from what got persisted into the .tlv file.

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