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the doodle feature makes my cats look actually good :blobmelt:​

I'm wondering whether I should recreate my profile picture as an SVG 🐈
It is just a 256x256 png, not even transparent :(

What… what happened?

I am questioning whether I am real :flan_aw:


any viruses that choose to share processor time with kitten.exe would be nice viruses that do things like increase purr duration or make tail wavy.

I wonder how dreams were accepted as canon in society. It must have been weird to be the first person to talk to someone else about it

I got a spam email on that got sent to my mail address... interesting :kirby_fly:​

I am an *ARTIST*

I went to *ART SCHOOL* and everything.

did you know?: being patient with other people's differences and taking time to figure out how to relate to people who behave and express themselves idiosyncratically… is not only a communication skill… it's also a social skill…

funny how well autists understand each other. really goes to show what listening and paying attention and approaching communication with an open mind could do for allists

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hey to all software devs out there
names should be handled as:
a free text unicode field with a generous max length and no validation.
do not require (last) names without good reason
if possible, make the purpose of the field clear when filling it in, i.e. put an example email or whatever you are actually using it for next to it.

and also, make it clear if legal names are required. make life a little easier for trans people in the process.

feel free to add to this thread.

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The first pair of Tildecats has made their way onto my homepage! I hope they feel well and get new siblings soon!

i finished a project i liked to work on and now I have to fill that hole with something again

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