Spring is here and that means it's time for a new tape, right? That's right and it's just gone up on the Gemini space so it's still fresh and warm.

The Spring 2021 KONPEITO tape is a cool, heavy bass one. I want to play it in my car while just cruising.

But, hold up, that's not all! There's a new Omake tape too!

Omake 04: Ok Boomer is a thundering, violent, sexy, sleazy beast. Play it loud and tear shit up!

What are you waiting for? Point your Gemini client at gemini:// and grab them!

@konpeito thank you so much for creating these! I expect each one of them with impatience!

@konpeito Awesome, thanks for this project, it's really inspiring, both for Gemini and the music itself. It motivated me to make some hip hop beats again and to create my own capsule.

@konpeito Fantastic - these tapes are a highlight, again! Thank you.

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