Abolish Silicon Valley: memoir of a driven startup founder who became an anti-capitalist activist

hey, what do you think about this?

Cwtch (/kʊtʃ/ - a Welsh word roughly translating to “a hug that creates a safe place”) is a decentralized, privacy-preserving, multi-party messaging protocol that can be used to build metadata resistant applications.

The first members of the Zapatista delegation to Europe are expected to arrive today by boat in Vigo, Spain.
#LaGiraZapatistaVA #ezln

re: A non-answer 

@mikeburns I see the internet as a huge honeypot.

re: A non-answer 

@mikeburns my threat model includes basically everyone.

isnt it technically possible that signal is just a honeypot from the fbi? :confused:

@draqlo wow thats cool! feel free to let me know when you stream.

whats your favorite foss game?

@petros interesting, thanks for your input. i will look into that.

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