And I really hope it stays this way for some time.

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Ubisoft sux.

Tried to play steam version of Dark Messiah - it is unplayable (crashes), has no russian language (tho I have selected russian in steam, but somehow what I got was english version with german voiceover) and force-added french locale to my windows (spent whole 5 minutes to figure how to get rid of it)

Downloaded pirated version - it runs perfectly without any issues now.

Зідан більше не грає
Зникла світла голова
Все потрохи зникає

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Все говорят "peace",
все говорят "love".
Я ко всему привык
я ко всему готов.

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Ha, nice.

Long ago I started using to be able to share photos with my friends. The site was and it allowed INFINITE photos uploaded and even videos!

The internet was 64k with unlimited traffic and it was weird to sign up using your real name. Well it is not anymore and Facebook gets creepier every single day.

I love the e-mail provider. I have couple ridiculousely obscure email addresses registered there.

I use them for IRL surveys and forms, that ask for my email.

Sometimes I have this feeling that I have some sort an idea and I should share it somewhere immediately, "while it's topical". It usually means the idea is not worth anything, and it is certainly a -induced habit

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birbsite crosspost 


Out of curiosity I dug into how NFT's actually reference the media you're "buying" and my eyebrows are now orbiting the moon


Okay, makes iPhone almost usable.
Even has the openssh...

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All the SSH clients for iPhone have “paid”, “premium” features, some even force you to register an account. No good and totally free option like on android.

I hate my phone. Will get back to android as soon as I can. But well, noone can blame me for criticising apple BS without giving it a solid try...

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