Ubisoft sux.

Tried to play steam version of Dark Messiah - it is unplayable (crashes), has no russian language (tho I have selected russian in steam, but somehow what I got was english version with german voiceover) and force-added french locale to my windows (spent whole 5 minutes to figure how to get rid of it)

Downloaded pirated version - it runs perfectly without any issues now.

@janPona о, так вот кто я, оказывается. Это не мир сошёл с ума, это просто я маргинал.

@glupovat у него получилась гексагональная архитектура? У меня тоже с тех пор как прочитал пару книжек всё скатывается в неё каждый раз.

@janPona о, прикольно, а я как раз на удалёнке ожидаю БОЛЬШЕЙ доступности. Это меня ДатаАрт научил: там было строгое правило, что если ты /wfh по какой-то причине — должен быть на связи с 11 до 19и

Зідан більше не грає
Зникла світла голова
Все потрохи зникає

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@janPona потому что сейчас модно обижаться. А если сказать ему, что он мудак и козёл - он может обидеться, потому что автоматически считается, что это ты к нему предвзят, раз он такой весь из себя. И вот уже вроде как ему можно что угодно говорить, потому что он весь из себя такой прогрессивный. Но это единицы, вообще лгбт чуваки обычно норм, а мудаков и козлов везде хватает, безотносительно того, куда и что кому они там пихают (или не пихают).

Все говорят "peace",
все говорят "love".
Я ко всему привык
я ко всему готов.

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@nytpu always wanted to steal a cheap Chinese scooter, but I’m too well mannered to steal from a person from the street. Ping me if you need crewmates.

@thunder true. I definitely meant consumerism.

I used the word "capitalism" that way because it has bad "reputation" in ex-USSR world I hail from, and when people say that word they usually mean the worst parts/kinds of it, not the actual political/economic system

I don't think people make that choice, tho. They just want a fancy instagram profile, just like everyone else, you can't blame them for that...

As for alternatives... Have you heard of clubhouse app? It is total BS, it is anti-information and anti-communication, it has that "elitist" flair.. And it does not even propose anything new! Yet still I know about it somehow, and all my iPhone-bearing comrades have an account there, and it only took a week to become popular here. How?..

Maybe, one day something wonderful will become popular that fast, maybe even a new social doctrine that will make the world a better place (ha-ha).

@thunder yeah, I know...

But, figurally speaking, I can not force people around me to use IRC, XMPP or whatever - everyone is on telegram so I have to use it, and sometimes I am even forced to use viber. And I need these people.

In my case it is not even surveillance I am afraid of (definitely not in 2021, when there is CCTV everywhere even in Ukraine) but the lack of choice.

Android/iOS devices became so popular that nowadays 200$ price tag for a cellphone is considered normal...

Well, also the fact that cellphone is a must-have these days (we even have an e-passport in Ukraine, that you can use as an ID!) bothers me a lot.

Heck, they do not even have a printed menu at most restaurants nowadays (cuz covid, and then they realized it is convenient) - only a QR code you have to scan with your phone.

I guess I am just waiting for the dust to settle - the world changed rapidly, and not everything is adjusted yet.

And it is related to everything, not anonymity/pseudonimity/freedom: it is capitalism vs. common sense: the convenience of total digitalization will either make people more aware of its insecurity (bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-5) or kill us as a species (haha, hello, cryptominers).

@thunder actually never thought about that. It is definitely possible here to have a VoIP phone number people can dial, even provided by the same carrier/provider, gotta check out.

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