One nightmare is over. Many nightmares remain. May we wake up from them all.

TIL (having used mutt for, oh, decades) that < can be used as a shorthand for your Sent folder (as defined in muttrc as `set record=Sent` or whatever) the same way you can use ! as shorthand for INBOX. Neat!

Eyelids: "sleep time"
Mouth: "(yawn) sleep time"

Moose Hour is cancelled for this week, but I will be back next week, same Moose-time (Tuesdays 0000 UTC), same Moose-station (

Inaugurageddon in DC 

Updated information from the Secret Service says bridges across the Anacostia River, which were previously announced as staying open throughout Inaugurageddon, will instead be closed at 6AM Tuesday. Southbound traffic (i.e., away from the Capitol) is currently supposed to remain open, but who knows how much longer until they take that away from us, too.

I already had plans to be out of town for the shitshow. Was planning to leave (via Douglass bridge) on Tuesday afternoon, now strongly considering leaving Monday night.

A reminder, as always, that DC is a place where people live, completely separate from its governmental functions, but ultimately at the mercy of said functions, with limited home rule and limited authority over its own affairs.

impending doom in DC 

Just when the helicopters had stopped, they are back and now flying low enough to rattle the walls of my house. I'm sure I'll get used to it eventually, but this is really pissing me off at the moment.

Fiddling around with NixOS. It's a radical departure from traditional Linux systems, but I like the idea of having one document that describes the intended state of the system exactly. Not sure I will ever use it for anything serious, but it's a fun learning exercise.

Looks like that's a no-go on toot migration. Oh well. Clean slate!

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Migrating to Think I got everything imported except the old toots. To be continued...

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