Inaugurageddon in DC 

Updated information from the Secret Service says bridges across the Anacostia River, which were previously announced as staying open throughout Inaugurageddon, will instead be closed at 6AM Tuesday. Southbound traffic (i.e., away from the Capitol) is currently supposed to remain open, but who knows how much longer until they take that away from us, too.

I already had plans to be out of town for the shitshow. Was planning to leave (via Douglass bridge) on Tuesday afternoon, now strongly considering leaving Monday night.

A reminder, as always, that DC is a place where people live, completely separate from its governmental functions, but ultimately at the mercy of said functions, with limited home rule and limited authority over its own affairs.

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Inaugurageddon in DC 

@mcornick Good reminder. To me, begs the question, "Why live there?"

re: Inaugurageddon in DC 

@spencerdupre A fair question and one that has been on my mind lately. Basically, my life is here, my friends are here, my work is near here (when I don't work at home.) Perhaps I will head back to the suburbs at some point, but for now, this is home.

re: Inaugurageddon in DC 

@mcornick Basically the same reasons I stay where I live. Hold in there, comrade.

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