Tonight's Mentos The Freshmaker Show (coming up at 0000 UTC) will be the first from my new all-free-software rig. Tune in for the inevitable glitches and also some music.

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@mcornick great set. what's in the all-free-software rig? I'm curious.

@stebby I probably oversold it a bit. :) I'm using Mixxx ( on a Thinkpad W500 running Ubuntu. I had it running Debian first, but the Debian mixxx package is currently broken. And I replaced the Lenovo BIOS with Coreboot to enable adding a newer, faster, no-blob-needed wifi card. Fun project! (For comparison, I was using Audio Hijack Pro on a Macbook for past shows.)

@mcornick thanks. When I record I usually do it on a Mac using Audio Hijack. Changing to a free/open alternative is on my todo list.

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