Just finished prepping music for the next episode of the Mentos The Freshmaker Show. As regular listeners know, I always include at least one track from a local act (local to me, in DC.) The next show (Tuesday at 0000 UTC, Monday 8PM US/Eastern) is _all_ local acts from DC, Maryland, and Virginia, and from places I've lived in my now-49 years. Quite the variety too. Listen in!

(and, as always, stay tuned for @snowdusk and @alrs following the Mentos show)

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@mcornick nice! I look forward to your show DJ Mentos! 🙂

@mcornick thank you for the mention but sorry i could not make it last nite 😭

@mcornick @snowdusk I'd totally have done with a few style words! Now i have to read all the playlists? Come on! :) Friendly.

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