Episode 13: "Everywhere Like Such As":

Each of the artists in this show either started out in, or were based most of the time in, a place where I have lived.

* Bad Brains - Banned in D.C. (Washington, DC)
* Beauty Pill - Pardon Our Dust (Washington, DC)
* Breadwinner - Tourette's (Richmond, VA)
* Happy Flowers - They Cleaned My Cut Out With a Wire Brush (Charlottesville, VA)
* Labradford - Accelerating on a Smoother Road (Richmond, VA)
* Lungfish - Nothing Is Easy (Baltimore, MD)
* Root Boy Slim - Dare To Be Fat (Washington, DC)
* Sexual Milkshake - Hip Death Goddess (Ballad Of The) (Harrisonburg, VA)
* Silver Jews - Random Rules (Charlottesville, VA)
* Supersystem - Born Into the World (Washington, DC)
* Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - Me and Mia (Washington, DC)
* The Slickee Boys - Here to Stay (Washington, DC)
* Unrest - Imperial (Arlington, VA)

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