I have a chronic, apparently untreatable case of hiccups. It usually manifests as two hiccups at a time, multiple times a day, every day, at seemingly random times.

And then there are the times like right now where I get fits lasting 15-20 minutes.

Kill me now.

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@mcornick you need to assign someone a task of startling you. It cures hiccups. Try it and please let me know if it works. 😱💦

@snowdusk afraid not, have tried that and all the other folk remedies (holding breath, drinking water quickly, etc.) as well as a few medications. Appears I am cursed with it. I'm honestly surprised it hasn't happened yet while I'm on-air.

@mcornick aww 😞 good luck to you 🍀 hey, it could’ve been worse so… ✊

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