Happy Fourth Of July to anyone celebrating, happy fourth of july to anyone not celebrating

Tomorrow on @tilderadio is the following schedule for your listening pleasure

* 0000 UTC - me w/ Freshmaker Show Number Twenty-Five
* 0100 UTC - @snowdusk with Intergalactic Widewave Hour
* 0200 UTC - @alrs with X-No-Archive-But-The-Archiver-Is-Still-Busted-Anyway

tilderadio is a production of the @tildeverse, chasing electrons to and fro

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@mcornick @tilderadio @alrs @tildeverse Thank you DJ MENTOS!! 🙏 ti's gonna be fun night tomorrow!

@mcornick @tilderadio @alrs @tildeverse i like what u did with DJ Lars’ show title there DJ Mentos 😂

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