Thoughts on the Apple event 

* Hope they got paid up front for that MLB deal, since MLB is eating itself alive right now.

* "M1 Ultra" makes me think of "MKUltra" which probably wasn't intended.

* I know artistic pros who use Macs and I can see almost all of them wanting the new Mac Studio. Some of them have employers who'll pay for it, which is nice. Others are freelancers, so good luck with that. It does look like an absolute beastmaster of a machine, especially with the MKUltra.

* It is perfectly OK to use a Mac and macOS if you have them, despite what some people on this verse might say. Use what you have and know how to use and screw anyone who tells you you've got Stockholm syndrome or whatever. (And if you're one of those gatekeeping/edgelording types, stop. No one likes a supremacist.)

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