A note to myself as much as to the rest of you: due to this past weekend's switch to Daylight Saving Time, Giant Steps will now air one hour later according to your (North American) time zone.* On Thursdays at:

5:00 PM PDT
6:00 PM MDT
7:00 PM CDT
8:00 PM EDT
9:00 PM ADT
half an hour later in Newfoundland

* except US-AZ, US-HI, CA-YT, most of CA-SK, and a few other oddball regions

The showtime remains 0000 UTC Friday for those of you who wisely live in UTC.

For the record, I fully support abolishing either Daylight Saving Time or Standard Time and using one or the other year-round.

Thanks for listening!

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* and Mexico. Mexico doesn't start DST until April. Except MX-BCN and areas near the US border which follow the US schedule, and MX-SON and MX-ROO which don't observe DST. Again, this is madness.

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