I support the idea of "the small internet", but I'm done trying to find a reason to keep Gopher and Gemini versions of my content. Gophermaps are painful. Gemtext is a little better, but not compelling to me. I have a minimal web site with no JS, no CSS, no tracking/analytics, and no links to sites with tracking that I know about. That won't be "small internet" enough for some people, but I'm OK with that. It's not like my minimal web site has a lot to say, anyway.

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@mcornick I think that's reasonable. I've mulled the idea of running a Gemini version of my sites too, but respectful HTML without rubbish in it seems to be a good compromise. 👍

@mcornick I think that's totally fair enough, no rule saying all folk must use only one protocol ever. The more websites that are good, the better!

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