“Gender reveal” stupidity 

Presented without comm...

No, sorry. Here’s a comment. “Gender reveals” are stupid. Stop doing them. Or, at least, do them in a way that can’t kill the revealed-gender-baby’s parents.

@cosullivan I’m thinking back to when I made my first “public appearance” after my wife’s death, and now that I think about it, the ones who said “it’s good to see you” or some variation thereupon stand out in my memory. Not that the people who said other things are remembered poorly.

*notices his mail server has not received any mail in a few days* "That's weird, I should've at least gotten some spam."

*logs into mail server, notices Postfix not running* "Huh?"

*notices bonehead error in Postfix master.cf dating back to last week*


@stebby I probably oversold it a bit. :) I'm using Mixxx (mixxx.org) on a Thinkpad W500 running Ubuntu. I had it running Debian first, but the Debian mixxx package is currently broken. And I replaced the Lenovo BIOS with Coreboot to enable adding a newer, faster, no-blob-needed wifi card. Fun project! (For comparison, I was using Audio Hijack Pro on a Macbook for past shows.)

@cosullivan as a widower myself, I can relate: though my late wife was a long term (18 years) brain tumor survivor, when it finally caught up to her at 51, it caught up extremely quickly. The knowledge, for years, that the day was coming didn't make the eventual day any less shocking.

To Dustin's family and to you and yours, my sympathy.

Tonight's Mentos The Freshmaker Show (coming up at 0000 UTC) will be the first from my new all-free-software rig. Tune in for the inevitable glitches and also some music. tilderadio.org/

(and before anyone asks, no, I don't literally live on the water, but I live just a few blocks from the riverfront, so close enough. :D )

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Currently under gale warning here in DC. Not sure we've reached 34 knots yet, but the wind is definitely roaring outside, whipping the cherry tree in front of my house against the siding. It's freaking the dog out a little bit and I don't blame him.

I lamented earlier that my gemini site (and, although I didn't lament it at the time, my gopher as well) was broken and I didn't think I had time to fix them. I was wrong; the fixes were relatively simple. So if you enjoy browsing gemini or gopher, try these:



They are generated from the same Markdown source as the HTML version of my site; as Markdown is really only meant to generate HTML, these non-HTML versions are a work in progress and the formatting is a little off. I'll work on it some more in the future.

(Like my HTML site, these are also available from my accounts on several tilde/pubnix servers.)

Just a totally normal Wednesday here in the nation’s capital. For a change.

@cosullivan my attempt at a gemini capsule is currently broken (and I don't have time to fix it right now) but I have answered in html form here mcornick.com/blog/2021/01/27/f

Installed Proxmox VE on a machine here at home to mess with over the weekend. Looks pretty slick so far! Got a bunch of OSes I want to try out.


One nightmare is over. Many nightmares remain. May we wake up from them all.

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