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There will be no Giant Steps live show this week. On aNONradio, you should hear a rerun. On tilderadio, you will likely hear DJ Robut, unless a live person steps up to fill the time. Should be back live next week.

Please everyone stop with the fucking whataboutisms.

Just because someone is criticizing bad things one country does and isn’t mentioning the 100 other countries that do bad things doesn’t negate the criticism.

There’s so much shit going on in the world it would never fit in a toot.

I see this way too much on all social media platforms, usually people pushing some agenda. It’s distractive and really shitty.


Слава Україні!

current events 

I was out watching a soccer game, the final game of the She Believes Cup, when the news broke tonight.

Two years ago, the final game of the She Believes Cup was the last US national team soccer game before COVID shut down the world.

Modest proposal: cancel the She Believes Cup.

"Whereof one cannot toot, thereof one must remain untooting."

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