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There is no funnier activity than untangling xmas lights to put them away...

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Hashtags can be difficult for blind people's screen readers, because the reading software may have trouble telling the words apart in the tag.

✅ You can make hashtags screen reader friendly by using "CamelCase", where each word in the tag begins with a capital letter.

For example, #DogsOfMastodon is fine but #dogsofmastodon may cause problems.

#FediTips #MastoTips #Accessibility #A11y #Hashtags #ScreenReaders

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I am glad I journaled consistently last year as it allowed me to put a lot of introspection into my next goals and in this note to myself

Sorry but I do not have it in me to start 2021 with any optimism

Got my kakebo for 2021, in 2020 it really helped me with saving money.

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Eye contact (stylised art) 

I art sometimes to de-stress.

Done with the workout of today, 2 more to go and I have finished the 21 days program

Goodmorning netizens! Guess who had a horrible night?

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I’ve been thinking a lot about various creative reactions to the absurdity that we all carry supercomputers in our pocket but have to keep upgrading even to retain functionality because software gets worse and surveillance gets more pervasive

Things like low-power computing (Rpi and friends, microcomputers, retro computing, etc), some of the solarpunk stuff, the “smolnet” (Gopher and Gemini and the like), and so on seem to be interesting ways of highlighting that things could be other than they are

Is there an umbrella term for this? Is someone collecting projects that relate to “computing designed to work well even with low-performance/low-power gear”?

I am on day 13 of a 21 days fitness program and I am loving it so far; I have not skipped a single day.

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