I feel very sad, very lonely, and trapped.
I never really did understand the story of Artax as a kid, but I get it now.

@melyanna Sorry to hear this, I hope you'll feel better soon! The Neverending Story as a whole is sure quite a powerful metaphor about depression. It also left a big impression on me as a kid, in a way it probably helped me to grow up by understanding emotions and internal struggles better.

As a teen I once visited the German studio where the movie was shot. There was a barely 1,50 m long fluffy Falkor automaton on display, and it cheers me up whenever I remember this.

@ice that sounds amazing! Even just thinking that that existed actually cheers me up. I bet it was amazing. 😊

I feel a little better this evening. Had a bit of an anxiety attack earlier but it's gone now.

@melyanna Haha yeah, it was quite amazing :) It looked so small (and still very detailed and cute) compared to the dragon in the movie I couldn't believe it. But now I think about it, it was probably a smaller automaton designed for the flight scenes.

I've seen a few pictures and the big one with the fully animated face seems to be big enough for sitting on it, and it doesn't model the whole body, only the head and front legs. Anyway, glad to know you're feeling better!

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