ASMR videos are supposed to be soothing, but they just make me irrationally angry.
I can't even explain it properly, but my teeth clench, my muscles get extremely tense, and I feel this anger I have rarely experienced even when rationally I had reasons to be angry.
I don't know what it is, but basically ASRM is the most efficient way to trigger my misophonia.
I wonder if anyone else is experiencing the same?
It's just wild to me that other people would find it relaxing.

A similar things happens with people whispering to each other on trains.
They do it to be polite, but I get irrationally angry and always have to put headphones on to cancel the sound.

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@melyanna I really dislike them too. The feeling I get is "you are way too close to me right now & it's very uncomfortable". Like a stranger is all up in my personal space?

@tty yep, that too! I instantly go completely tense.
So when I read these captions that say "Go to sleep to the sound of nails tapping on a desk" or stuff like that I basically run the other way.

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